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Cilas 1090 LD Dual Laser Liquid Dry Dispersion Particle Size Analyzer Sub Micron

Excellent Condition w/ Software & Manufactured in 2013
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The Cilas 1090 Laser Particle Size Analyzer is a research instrument designed for applications requiring high resolution analysis of sub micron particles.  Measurements can be made in liquid or dry mode, with a measurement range of 0.04 to 500 microns.

The 1090 features Cilas’ patented multi-laser design.  With two lasers permanently mounted on a short optical bench, the 1064 can analyze particles ranging in size from 0.04 to 500 microns in a single measurement.  Accuracy and repeatability are guaranteed and alignment is never necessary. The 1090 incorporates a two lasers design to ensure accuracy and precision throughout the entire measurement range.

The user can switch between liquid and dry dispersion modes with just the click of the mouse.  There is no need to swap hardware when switching modes, and no realignment is necessary.  Our new Dry Jet Dispersion technology ensures that even the most difficult particles can be accurately analyzed. 

All Cilas analyzers feature our patented short optical bench with all optical components permanently mounted on a cast-iron base plate.  This design means the optical components are always in alignment and guarantees the highest accuracy and repeatability.  The 1090’s rugged design means it will work well even in harsh environments.

The 1090 is designed to comply with the ISO 13320 standard for measurement accuracy and repeatability. This guarantees measurement reproducibility of better than 1%. (Excerpt from the Cilas Particle Size Analyzer product page)



This Cilas 1090 particle size analyzer and microscope are in excellent cosmetic and functional condition. New Life Scientific technicians processed samples via liquid dispersion through the instrument. The electrovalves, pumps, lasers, and sample distribution are controlled and communicated by the corresponding analysis software. One facet of the software is the Size Expert program that is incredibly approachable for users of any experience, especially using the mimic display screen to switch individual controls in the system, such as the liquid or dry mode. There are two flow cells that can be used to analyze the sample particles; one flow cell is located in the optional microscope and camera. The two internal lasers are focused on the second flow cell housed within the PSA. The internal components of the Cilas 1090 are readily accessible for cleaning and examining for preventative maintenance. Both flow cells were thoroughly flushed along with all hoses in the system before storage.

The Cilas installation disc has multiple program features that analyze the size of the particles, store images and measurement data, offer image overlay options, and graph data points with user defined parameters. There are preset protocols, measurement ranges, and particle examples that are useful for training and gaining familiarity with the instrument. Changing from liquid to dry mode can be done with the click of a button; live images in the microscope's flow cell, using an attached U-Eye camera, provide visual analysis by the user. If the solution has not been homogenized or the flow is too fast/slow, the system will note that the image and particle size cannot be recorded due to obscuration. There are two peristaltic circulation pumps that can be adjusted for a flow rate that works well for the sample. The solvents chosen for the solutions must be favorable for dispersion of the sample. Often organic solvents with low vapor pressures are used and it is recommended the instrument be placed in a fume hood. There is a safety shut-off in the control program to reduce the risk of injury or damage, should the user experience any potential dangers with the solution, vapors, or malfunction. Additionally, the software saves standard operating procedures based on the sample type, solution, and user-defined parameters that work best per procedural basis. The microscope and PSA come with dust covers for standby protection to keep the instruments free from the minor lab environment effects. For more information regarding the Cilas 1090 PSA, please contact New Life Scientific or review the product video here.








SizeExpert 9.45


ExpertGrab (Microscope Imaging)

Serial Number


Reference Number



October 2013


Operator's System Manual
Software CD
Microscope & Dust Cover
U-Eye Camera
PSA Fitted Dust Cover
Filter Lenses
Slide Holder / Flow Cell Holder

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