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2007 Epping Parscan Microscope unit for Q test Electrostatic Charge Analysis

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This Epping Parscan CCD microscope has a motorized X-Y axis and is in very good cosmetic and functional condition. We received this system (including the computer) from GlaxoSmithKline Headquarters in Durham, NC.

The PC has a Contec SMC-2P (PCI) motor control board, and there are a good number of function libraries. It can be programmed from a large variety of programming platforms, including but not limited to Visual Studio, Visual Basic & Visual Basic.NET, Visual C/C++, Borland C++ and others. In addition to the SMC0-2P controller, the PC features a high performance Firewire card for capturing a single frame or continuous frames from the CCD camera.

The imaging "box" has a highly accurate X-Y motorized computer controlled stage. The Marlin CCD camera with 1392x1040 resolution appears to be monochrome. The system has one ring light source and a transparent bottom light source, both with external filter ports, so you can change filters without disturbing your stage.

The dimensions of the par-scan are 52x52x32 cm, and it weighs 40 kg.

Please refer to the "Technician's Notes" section for more information on the testing we performed on this system.

Please click here to be redirected to the manufacturer's website for more information on what this system is used for.

Technician's Notes

We received the Epping Parscan system into our shop. We checked all power connectors and cables. We powered on the unit and observed all power lights and indicators come on without issues. We tested the the system and were able to pull an image from the camera and move the stage very precisely. We tested the computer and confirmed that everything was highly functional. This system is in excellent cosmetic and functional condition.