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Affymetrix GeneChip 3000 Microarray Scanner Autoloader Oven 640 Fluidics 450

Complete, Working System. Backed by a 90-Day Warranty
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Affymetrix GeneChip 3000 System with PC and Software Installed - Complete, Working System

Its easy to find untested, individual components of a GeneChip system on the pre-owned market, but good luck finding a complete system that has actually been tested by knowledgeable technicians.

Well, we here at New Life Scientific offer just that, a complete Affymetrix GeneChip 3000 System that has been tested and confirmed functional by our technician who has experience with the Affymetrix GeneChip series of instruments.

Each component of the system is in good physical condition, with only minor cosmetic wear from use and age, including some small scuffs on the scanner.

Tested and Functional GeneChip System

Passing all self-tests and initializing without error, this system was tested by our technician using a mouse genome DNA microarray chip. The chip was successfully scanned, recognized, and loaded to the PC without issue. Functionality of the fluidics stations and hybridization oven was also tested and confirmed.

- Connected PC to Scanner and Fluidics Stations using AGCC software
- Successful scan of mouse genome chip using Scanner
- Tested functionality of Hybridization Oven, Heated to 45C and rotated as set by speed control
- Tested functionality of Fluidics Stations, Primed and Ready

Complete and Ready for Operation

This system comes with everything you need to start processing, hybridizing, and scanning GeneChip arrays.

- Affymetrix GeneChip Scanner 3000 w/ Autoloader
- Affymetrix GeneChip Hybridization Oven 640
- 2x Affymetrix GeneChip Fluidics Station 400/450 Upgraded*
- PC with Affymetrix GeneChip Command Console v3.1 (AGCC) software installed
- Comm cables
- Power cables

*The GeneChip Fluidics Station 450s have been upgraded from the 400 model and perform the same as the 450 model.


GeneChip Scanner 3000 with Autoloader



Mfg. Date

November 2004 (Scanner)
November 2004 (Autoloader)


GeneChip Scanner 3000

Part No.

00-0073 (Scanner)
90-0351 (Autoloader)

Serial No.

50211870 (Scanner)
A04640 (Autoloader)

Power Requirements

120-240V, 50-60Hz, 4-2A

Dimensions (W x D x H)

13 x 21 x 24.5 in

Hybridization Oven 640




GeneChip Hybridization Oven 640

Model No.


Serial No.


Power Requirements

115VAC, 50/60Hz, 590W

Dimensions (W x D x H)

18 x 15 x 19 in

Fluidics Station 400/450 Upgraded




GeneChip Fluidics Station 400

Serial No.


Power Requirements

100-240V, 50-60Hz, 3A

Dimensions (W x D x H)

28 x 16 x 16 in