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Autogenomics Infiniti Analyzer Microarray Multiplex Amplifier Genetic Marker

AdID: 11390

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Manufacturer Overview
"The platform is utilized in clinical multiplex systems intended to measure and sort multiple signals from a singular clinical sample. They are designed to measure fluorescence signals of labeled DNA target hybridized to novel BioFilmChip microarrays using Target Signal Amplification chemistry. The assays can be processed automatically or semi-automatically, and read by the built-in image sensor. Results are analyzed and presented in easy to read format with clear call designations, removing the need for additional data analysis by the user." (Excerpt from manufacturer)

Condition Description
This analyzer is in good cosmetic condition and functioned without errors.

Technical Evaluation
The technician observed all motors function during initialization and the instrument passes self-tests when powered on. The software logs indicate the last experiment ran was in September 2016 and completed. NLS technicians were unable to perform a test run because the proper reagents and consumables were not acquired. All internal logs from September 2016 to now, show the instrument was operated in service mode and powered up or down. There were no critical errors noted while reviewing the last year of data. The touchpad allows the user to navigate the interface and was self-explanatory.

Manufacturer: AutoGenomics
Model: Infiniti Analyzer
Serial Number: 08121149
Power Requirements: 120V