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Belle Technology Dry Anaerobic Glove Box Leica MZ6 Stereo-Microscope Module Cryo

All Components Power On. Backed by a 90-Day Warranty.
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Belle Technology Dry Anaerobic Modular Glove Box System in Excellent Condition

Well equipped for operation and still supported by Belle Technology, this system has been inspected by our technician and tested to confirm all components power on without issue. With no sign of damage and only minor wear, this system is in excellent physical condition.

This sealed and controlled atmosphere workstation would be an excellent addition to any lab that needs carefully maintained conditions for specimen research and preparation. This is a modular system that includes multiple accessories for dry experiments and processing.

Clean and In Excellent Physical Condition

This system is clean and excellent physical condition with no sign of damage and only minor wear and age.

Inspected by Technician

Our technician has thoroughly inspected this system and tested it to confirm all components to power on without issue. One oxygen meter does not appear to be functioning correctly when compared to the other meter. The catalysts may need replaced and the oxygen sensors will need new sensing heads.

Belle Technology offers full technical diagnostic support and service for all Glove Box systems and supporting accessories.

Well Equipped for Operation - The Following is Included:

- Belle Modular Glove box
- Leica MZ6 Modular Stereo Microscope
- Leica Eyepiece 10x/21B Adjustable (10447160)
- Leica CLS 150X Light Source
- Gas Purification Recirculator (C6)
- 2x Oxygen Meters
- Regeneration System Heat Band CRS-6 (70361/2)
- Leica User Manual v. 2/05
- Tubing and Cabling

Features of the Belle Modular Glove Box

- Anaerobic Glove box is hermetically sealed acrylic modular atmosphere.
- Oxygen and moisture content can be controlled as low as 2ppm.
- Custom gas purification and generation system can be configured for the user's needs.
- Gas Purification System (C6) is used to remove oxygen and/or moisture in the glove box. Includes six aluminum cartridges that can be packed with particulate filters (catalyst or moisture sieve).
- Regeneration System (CRS6) activates the depleted catalyst in the purification cartridges. Using a heated band with a water condenser and temperature controller.
- Microscope Module (MRMSB) includes the Leica stereo microscope, the Dewar (inferior) for direct freezing, and glove ports for sample handling. The Leica lights source and cable is sealed and attached to the system.



Belle Technology


Anaerobic Glovebox


Clear acrylic construction

Atmosphere Control

<2ppm moisture
<2ppm oxygen


25 x 27 x 72 cm Regeneration Unit
300 x 66 cm (D x H)Purifying Unit