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Bio-Rad Ciphergen PBS IIC ProteinChip Reader Analyzer w/ PC- Software - Assays

With 90-day Warranty.
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Key Points

- Pumps Tested - Edwards vacuum pump needs rebuilt or the system may have a leak.

- Good Cosmetic Condition

- Manufactured in 2002 & 2003

- 90-Day Warranty


(1) Ciphergen ProteinChip Reader

(1) Ciphergen Digitizer

(1) Ciphergen Master Box

(1) Ciphergen Power Box

(1) Computer w/ keyboard, mouse, and ProteinChip Software 3.1

(18) Gaskets and Reservoirs for 96 Well Bioprocessor

(1) ProteinChip Starter Kit 3: array assortment, extra microplates, gaskets, EAM assortment

(2) ProteinChip H50 Array 12-Pack: one pack is open, the other is still sealed

(1) Other Assorted Consumables & Manuals

(2) Power Cables

(2) Communication Cables

This instrument is warranted functional and protected by our 90-day warranty.

Technician’s Review

Our in-house technician inspected and tested this Ciphergen ProteinChip Reader. Technician tested turbo pump and vacuum pump, and noted the vacuum pump only pulls down to 17 microns and recommends rebuilding or replacing it. The technician speculated that it is also possible that the pumps are fine and the system may only have a leak in it. Software connects to instrument and all other components are warranted functional. Due to the pumps not reaching the required vacuum level, the laser and detector could not be tested. However, our warranty covers any defects with these parts of the system as well.

Mfg. Year

2002 & 2003


ProteinChip Reader - PBS II
-Digitizer: 9-00127/Ver. 1.3
-Master Box: 9-00078/Ver. 6.4
-Power Box: 9-00079/Ver. 5.6

Serial Number

2D335 TC

Power Requirements

250V, 115-230VAC, 50-60Hz, 8-4A

(W x D x H)

22.25 x 38.5 x 27.75 in