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Carl Zeiss Meditec FF450 Plus Reitinal Imaging Fundus Camera Ophthamology

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The Zeiss FF450 Plus Fundus camera retinal imager is in good cosmetic condition and was evaluated by New Life Scientific technicians. There are some paint scuffs on the body of the instrument and the lift-table appears to have damage from the pressed material swelling.The instrument is incomplete, because there are no standard cameras mounted on the instrument. The FF-450 adapter is included, but the video camera option and standard Nikon F3-HP 35 mm that comes with the photographic equipment version is not available. Unfortunately, there are no sensors or software available from New Life Scientific, but Zeiss still sells the VISUPAC software and the Fundus camera systems. This listing includes the electric elevation table which can raise eleven inches, the control console for a BL 450 flash unit (not available), one filter holder, the FF-450 Fundus camera, peripheral lights, and the power supply. For more information, please see the embedded links and the table below.


Carl Zeiss Meditech



Imager Model

FF-450 Plus

P/N: 1087-183

S/N: 979912

Control Console

P/N: 1118-996

S/N: 927329

Instrument Table



S/N: 985189

Power Supply Unit

NAG 450 Plus

P/N: 1094-850

S/N: 965365


Power Cord

Limited Cabling


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