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CEM Discover SP-1271A Microwave Synthesizer & Explorer 24 Autosampler & Software

CEM Synergy software included. 90-Day Warranty.
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Fully Functional CEM Microwave Synthesizer with Autosampler & Software

Protected by 90-Day Warranty

Fully tested here at the New Life Scientific tech shop, our CEM Discover
microwave synthesizer comes packaged with a CEM Explorer 24
autosampler and serial cables to facilitate communication with the included
copy of CEM’s Synergy software.

This system is in excellent condition and is ready for a space on your lab bench.

How Was It Tested?

In testing, our technician placed a beaker of water into the chamber of the
Discover and heated to 70°C, confirming that the magnetron (microwave generator)
and internal infrared thermometer are both functional.

Our technician then connected the system to a Windows 7 PC and ensured that it interfaced properly with CEM's Synergy software via the included serial and over
the USB-to-serial adapter.

We then used the software to initialize the autosampler arm, move samples from
the wells into the microwave, and heat the samples by both a temperature setpoint or specified time period.

How’s It Look?

Both the Discover and Explorer 24 are in excellent condition with only occasional
signs of wear on the chassis. The user interface console is virtually flawless.

What’s Included?

  • CEM Discover SP-1271A Microwave Synthesizer
  • CEM Explorer 24 Autosampler
  • CEM Synergy software installation CD*
  • (4x) Sample racks - Each holds six 16mm tubes
  • (2x) 110VAC power cable
  • (2x) DB-9 serial cables
  • Discover SP-1271A manual (PDF)
  • Explorer 24 manual (PDF)

*If desired, we will ship this system with a PC equipped with the Synergy software for a surcharge. Contact us for more details.

Note: The end user will have to supply consumables, which are available from CEM.

90-Day Warranty for your Peace of Mind

Buying pre-owned can be unnerving. We realize you want assurance in your purchase,
so we include a 90-day warranty on our equipment. If anything goes wrong, our
in-house support is only a phone-call away.

Support for Instrument Longevity - In addition to our 90-day warranty, we offer
you continued support from our technicians, including technical questions and
consulting. We may be able to offer exchange or back-up units in a pinch.

Trusted Instrument Vendor

New Life Scientific is an experienced scientific vendor with a history of
positive customer experiences (just check out our eBay reputation!). You can
have confidence in our technical evaluations and our warranty knowing that
we have actual in-house technicians who inspect, test, service, and repair the
various instruments we receive.

After examination and thorough cleaning, products often leave our shop
meeting manufacturer specs.

When you buy from New Life Scientific, you’re free to contact us at any time
for after-sales support concerning any questions or issues that may arise, even
after your warranty expires.

Manufacturer Specifications

Discover SP-1271A

Magnetron Frequency

2455 MHz

Temperature Measurement Range

-80°C to 300°C


In-situ electromagnetic variable speed

Electrical Requirements

100/240VAC, 50/60Hz, 75W

Overall Dimensions (W x D x H)

14.2” x 16.9” x 11.2” (36.1 x 42.9 x 28.4 cm)


38 lbs (17.3 kg)

Explorer 24


0 to 300°C


Control - to 20 Bar

Printer Port

25-Pin, Epson and IBM Compatible

Ethernet & Serial Ports

(x2) RS-232, 9 pin IBM PC compatible

Electrical Requirements

90 - 264VAC, 50/60Hz, 10 Amp @ 120VAC, 5 Amp @ 220 VAC

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Mounted on Discover: 14.5” x 20.75” x 30” (36.8 x 52.7 x 76.2 cm)

Unmounted:   14.5” x 20.8” x 27” (36.8 x 52.71 x 68.58 cm)  


Mounted on Discover: 68 lbs (30.8 kg)

Unmounted: 40 lbs (18.1 kg)