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Cobas x421 Qiagen BioRobot 8000 MDX Gene Automated Purification Liquid Handler

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Qiagen Bio Robot Universal labelled as a Roche Cobas x421

This instrument is in pristine condition and practically looks like it has never been used. This unit is actually newer than the robot 8000. Qiagen Tech support verified this unit's serial number, confirmed it would work with their software, and said that it has never had any issues. Qiagen still services this instrument and sells all the consumables for it.

The BioRobot MDx provides fully automated, high-throughput purification of DNA and RNA from a range of human sample types. It is particularly well-suited for high-throughput human molecular applications such as studies of infectious disease, genetic testing, genotyping, and oncology research. The BioRobot MDx provides the same high quality purification as manual procedures, but with automated high-quality processing of up to 96 samples per run. Fast processing and short run times easily enable throughput of up to 300 preps per day. Using this walkaway instrument, the researcher simply loads the samples and leaves the BioRobot MDx to perform the purification procedure.  The BioRobot MDx provides high-performance, front-end sample processing for a wide range of molecular downstream processes. High flexibility in throughput and sample type means that the BioRobot MDx easily adapts to changing laboratory needs. Whether throughput increases or decreases, applications change, or multiple sample types are used, the BioRobot MDx easily fits into the workflow. Other benefits include:    Secure sample and data management    Continuous sample and consumable tracking    Verification by liquid-level sensors    High speed liquid dispensing    Rapid cooling and heating    Efficient vacuum system