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Corning Epic Plate Reader Label-Free Detection Assay Cell Profiling Pharmacology

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The Corning Epic System combines proven label-free optical technology with the benefits of high-throughput screening in a 384 well microplate for both biochemical and cell-based applications. Consisting of a disposable ANSI/SBS standard 384 well microplate with optical biosensors integrated in each well and an HTS-compatible optical reader, it enables up to 40,000 wells to be read in an 8 hour period. By harnessing the properties of glass and light, the Epic System eliminates issues associated with using labels and over-expressed cell lines while providing access to new information. (Excerpt Taken From the Corning Epic System Product Page)

This Corning Epic system and featured CyBio liquid handler are in excellent cosmetic condition with minor signs of age. New Life Scientific acquired this instrument and the technicians performed a physical evaluation. The technicians did not notice any damage to the instrument's body, but the crown (topper) was heavily damaged; the largely plastic aesthetic piece was packaged separately, to meet height limitations, and may have been struck by a forklift. There are minor scuffs to the frame paint, but all observations suggest that the internal components were not compromised. New Life Scientific contacted the Corning field applications engineer that exclusively worked with this instrument and decommissioned it prior to sale; the plate carousel has been zip-tied for reduced movement in shipping and relocation. The Epic Gen 1 requires a new PC and operating system (Windows 7) which costs 10,000 USD; to re-certify (PM/validation) the Epic Gen-1, the standard annual service fee is 9500 USD. This cost estimate was provided by the technician and is only valid if all original parts are operable. For more information about this instrument, please contact New Life Scientific.

-CyBio Liquid Handler
-Tri-level sensor configuration (glass, waveguide film, biomolecular level)
-Optical Biosensors

-Pharmacological R&D
-Label-free Cellular Profiling
-Antigen & Antibody Detection
-Compound Aggregation Assays
-Detects Binding Events (Quantifies)

Corning Epic System Commercial Specifications Sheet
Corning Epic Label-Free Detection Solutions Overview
Corning Epic System Applications
Please refer to this video of the Corning Epic system New Life Scientific technicians.




Epic Gen 1

Serial Number

OL3713-26-001 / OL3713-26-002
Manufacturing Year
Requires Corning Label-Free Microplates

Requires PC Workstation
-Epic Reader (OL3713-0-1006)

-Reference Microplate 53523

-CyBio 384/25 Liquid Handler (OL3714-26-021)

-CyBio Belt-Stacker (OL0028-001-14)

-(2)MasterFlex Easy-Load L/S 7518

-FiberPro PS3000 Polarization Scrambler

-Super Lum (VLS-830)

-Ensemble Epaq (7518-00)

-SMC Membrane Air Dryer (IDG10-F03)

-SMC Water Separator (EAW02500-F03C)

-SMC Exhaust Cleaner (AMP220-F02B-T)
Corning Specifications
Detection- Optical Biosensor
Variability- 800fm
Read Time- 36s from insertion
- 6s/microplate
Air Supply- 90 psi
OS- Microsoft Windows
Wear Part- 1000 hrs.

While New Life Scientific takes many steps to ensure that our instruments are in perfect working order we cannot ensure that all products are up to manufacturer specifications. We recommend every product undergo professional installation and calibration before use in research, production, and clinical applications. For this reason, we offer a 30-day warranty on all of our working products in the interest of maximum customer satisfaction.