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CTC Analytics HTS PAL Autosampler Liquid Handler w/ Stack Cooler & Fast Wash

Fully Tested & Includes PAL Software. 90-Day Warranty
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Fully Tested CTC Analytics PAL Autosampler

Equipped with Stack Cooler and Updated Firmware

An automated sample preparation system for LC/GC with all the essential
components for a fraction of the retail price. Why pay in excess of $20,000 for a new autosampler when you can get everything you need, including a deep well stack cooler, updated firmware, and software, for less than 80% of that price?

Tested by our In-house Technician

Our in-house technician updated the firmware, reloading and locating all objects
using the PAL Loader and Object Manager software. He then taught the injection
unit the locations, created a method, and ran the method without issue.

The following specific features were tested specifically in addition to the
testing mentioned above:

- Control Terminal

- Injection Unit - Movement is smooth
- Stack Cooler - Cools to 5°C

Updated with the Latest Firmware

Many PAL autosamplers are bought and sold with outdated firmware
because of the difficulty to obtain it from the manufacturer. However,
this instrument has been updated with the latest firmware,
making it compatible with Windows 7.

All Components Included

This PAL autosampler is a complete working system except for the
syringe that needs replaced and tubing for the wash station and
injection valve, all of which are very inexpensive.

List of included components:

- XY Crossrail MXY 01-01B

- Injection Unit MZ 01-00E

- Injection Valve MV 10-00B

- Control Terminal MB 01-00A

- Fast Wash Station

- 2x Wash Station Bottles

- Stack Cooler DW

- Peltier Thermostat MN 03-01

- Power Supply MN 01-00

- Object Manager 2.1.0.K

- PAL Loader 1.1.1

- PAL System User Manual

- Power and Comm. Cables

Includes a 90-Day Warranty for your protection

We realize that buying second-hand can be unnerving, so we offer a
90-day warranty on all of our working instruments to protect you
against any equipment failure or defects. If anything goes wrong,
our in-house support is only a phone call away.

Additional information:


CTC Analytics



Serial Number

111517 (MXY 01-01B)

Power Requirements

Power Supply:
Input 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz
Output 36VDC, 4.16A


Object Manager 2.1.0.K
PAL Loader 1.1.1

(W x D x H)

39 x 24 x 26 in