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Dako Autostainer PTLink Rinse Station Slide Processing Pre-Treatment Module

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PT Link allows the entire pre-treatment process of deparaffinization, rehydration and epitope retrieval to be combined into a well-documented, 3-in-1 specimen preparation procedure.

With PT Link, pathology laboratories can maximize productivity by reducing the number of operations needed in the pre-treatment process, while saving time by using the same slide rack from pre-treatment all the way through the immunohistochemical staining. Quality control reports from the pre-treatment process can be printed directly from the user-friendly software, while additional confidence in the procedures come from features such as no-boil option and low-fluid warning at 5 mm below the frosted label area of a slide. Options such as delayed start and preheat mode provides the flexibility that is required to make pre-treatment work in parallel with other processes. (Source: Agilent PT Link)

Condition Description
The technicians evaluated this instrument for damages and noted that two tray handles were cracked. One handle is chipped and missing the screw and the second handle is broken in two places, and was removed for its ineffectiveness. The PT Link is in good cosmetic condition overall.

Technical Evaluation
The technicians powered this instrument on and noted that it does heat and recognize fluid in the baths. The rinse station includes a software disk and manual for supplemental reading.



Model & Serial Number

PT Link





25 lbs


-(2) Vats for 24 slides each

-30-102C heating range

Power Supply