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Hamilton Kinder Scientific Startle Reflex Behavioral Monitoring System Rodent

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Hamilton Kinder Scientific Startle Reflex Behavioral Monitoring System for mice or rats

This system is in great condition.  It was just recently removed from a working environment.  We have hooked everything up and tested all of the components. It includes the computer with software installed.  However it does not have the SM100 Control chassis needed to hook the system together. We are currently looking for this pc. ,so that it could be used as a complete system.  It also does not have the SMCAL Newton Impulse Calibrator. We originally had a complete system but  we sold half of the system including the control chassis and Calibrator to a university that only needed 4 boxes.

1- Computer with software.

4 - SM1001  Startle Station

4 - SM100RP  Rat insert and sensing plates

4 - SM100MP  Mouse insert and sensing plates

In order to complete this system, the buyer will need to purchase a Startle Monitor Control Chassis from Hamilton Kinder, if still available.

If you are interested in more behavioural monitoring equipment please ask.

From the manufacturer.

 Key Feature: New restraint design 
New design removes stress induced by older tube methods.  Older systems have used a design placing animals into tubes which has long be known to create stress. Our new restraint design contains the subject consistently over the sensing transducer while still providing an ample sensation of freedom of movement. The key is in the adjustable ceiling which allows the subject increased headroom without permitting ambulations.

The feet on the transducer assembly have been moved to a special anchor plate. And because we use a piezo disk and not a delicate load cell the assembly is rugged and not easily affected by user handling.

  • The StartleMonitor system has been specially designed for use with transgenic mice. Weíve incorporated critical features into the system such as ambient vibration immunity and extremely high sensitivity for the small response of mice.
  • Pre-Pulse Inhibition
    The ability to run pre-pulse inhibition trials is already a part of the system. Simple Windows commands help you easily create these trials.
  • Cross Modal Pre-Pulse Inhibition
  • Gap Detection
    Similar to pre-pulse inhibition, but with a decrease or absence of sound. This mode of testing is also built in.
  • Standard Acoustic Trials
    Exceptional acoustic characteristics for classic startle reflex.
  • Fear Potentiated Options
    All components needed for a fear potentiated operation
  • Habituation Trials
  • Tactile (Air Puff) Startle Reflex

This is a video with the complete system working before we sold half of it to a university. So you will not receive everything in this video ( see above for  everything included)