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Intavis AG InsituPro VS Whole Mount Slide Automate In Situ Hybridization ISH IHC

Professional Dealer. Guaranteed with a 90-Day Warranty.
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InsituPro VS Automated Whole Mount & Slide
In Situ Hybridization System with 90-Day Warranty

Inspected and tested by our technician, this in situ hybridization system has a
functional pipetting robot arm and incubation heating component. PC and InsituPro
VS operating software are required for this system to be fully-operational. Because
of this, some system components such as fluidics and PC communication haven’t
been tested.

This system is in good physical condition, with a clean, undamaged work area
and safety cabinet, only some dents and scratches on the back panel of the

Inspected and Tested by Technician

Our technician inspected this system and was able to confirm the pipetting robot
arm and heating component functional. However, without the InsituPro VS operating
software, he was unable to test all the features of this system, including the fluidics
and PC communication. The cooling component is also untested, but due to lack of
cooling sensor cable.

The following tests and services were performed by our technician:

- Pipetting robot arm motors and sensor works, moving to home position on startup
- Heating component tested, reaching 100°C
- Installed new 10mL syringe
- Cooling fan checked
- Inspected internal components

What’s Included

Once operating software is acquired and the missing cooling sensor cable and dilutor
reservoir bottle is replaced, this system will be complete, only needing buffers and
other consumables to be fully-operational.

The following components are included with this system:

- InsituPro VS System
- 10,000 mL Waste Container
- PC Communication Cable
- Power Cable

Automate Your ISH Procedures

The InsituPro VS can increase the efficiency of your laboratory by automating all
following steps of an in situ hybridization procedure:

- Rehydration of specimens/tissue
- Permeation with proteinase K
- Postfixation and washing steps
- Optional bleaching and washing steps
- Hybridization with individual probes at elevated temperature
- Post hybridization washes
- Blocking and antibody incubation
- Extensive washing steps
- Incubation with AP-buffer

90-Day Warranty for your Peace-of-Mind

We realize that buying pre-owned can be unnerving, so we include a 90-day
warranty on our equipment to protect you against any equipment failure or
defects. If anything goes wrong, our in-house support is only a phone call away.



Intavis AG


InsituPro VS

Serial No.

12 0G7 V337

Conforming standards

EEC directive 89/336/EEC
EEC directive 73/23/EEC

Specimen size

0.1 –10 mm and standard glass slides

Work area temperature range

12 - 70°C

Volume range

200 - 1.000 µl

Number of buffer positions

28 (plus 96 individual probe positions)

Cooled buffer positions


Size of buffer vials

250, 125, 50, 14 and 12 ml, probe vials from 0.5 to 4 ml


110V, 50/60Hz, 250VA, 2A T

Dimensions (W x D x H)

22.4 x 25.2 x 27.6 in


80 kg (176.37 lb)