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Ion Torrent OneTouch Genetic Sequencer w/ ES Enrichment Turrax Tube Drive PCR

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At a Glance
* Genetic Sequencing Technology
* Ion Torrent One Touch System (No Power Adapter)
* Ion Torrent One Touch ES Enrichment System 8441-21 (Power Cord Included)
* Ion Torrent Ultra Turrax Tube Drive (No Power Adapter)
*Does Not Include Software

The Ion Torrent OneTouch system could not be tested at the NLS facility, but it appears to be in good cosmetic condition. Unfortunately, there are (2) required power adapters that did not arrive with the equipment, and the manufacturer could not supply them for the One Touch.

Technical Testing and Evaluation
New Life Scientific technicians were unable to acquire the power adapters needed to power this system on. They noted that the invidual components are in good cosmetic condition and presumed functional; they include a ninety-day warranty, but the customer is responsible for supplying the consumables, special power adapter, and any application accessories or software that are not included. The manufacturer followed this model with the OneTouch-2 which is currently supported, but they have discontinued the OneTouch.


Life Technologies


Ion OneTouch

Enrichment System (8441-21)

Tube Drive (03.358066)

Serial Number


Manufactured Date

October 2011


24VDC, 6A max.

Gas Input

30 psi max.

Product Overview
Ion Torrent combines computer software with integrated circuits and complementary metal-oxide semiconductors (CMOS) as used in digital cameras, laptop computers and mobile phones. The technology also adopts an electrochemical detection system called ion-sensitive field-effect transistors (ISFET) which can detect ions as they are released by DNA polymerase during sequencing by DNA synthesis. All of these electronics are focused on detecting and analyzing the release of a hydrogen ion (or proton) which occurs each time a nucleotide triphosphate is added. The proton release causes a slight pH shift which is detected by a CMOS sensor. (From the manufacturer)


Condition Description This was untested by NLS Techs and appears to be in very good condition. Power adapter is not included.