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JENCO Compound Inverted Epi-fluorescence Trinocular Mech Stage Microscope

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This Jenco Inverted Epi-Fluorescence Microscope is in great working and cosmetic condition as determined by technical staff. The optical body is a Seidentopf design with a 30° incline and increments of 55-75mm for interpupillary adjustment. The body also revolves a full 360°, allowing maximum reach and comfort for the user. Multiple sample formats can be viewed with this Jenco microscope, including well plates, slides, and petri dishes. Every setting is within reach for the user to change, most of which are designed to change with just one movement.

Unfortunately, it seems that the serial number sticker was removed from this microscope.

Included with this Jenco are 2 lamps: a standard lamp and a UV lamp. An external power source unavailable to technical staff is needed to test the UV Lamp, and thus the UV lamps condition remains unknown. The external power source will need to be purchased and its part number is #GZ6-100M-PS. Additionally, the condenser will need to be purchased as well; its part number is #CM-0315.

The manufacturer's datasheet can be found here and here.




Inverted Epi-Fluorescence

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Our products have likely been decommissioned and decontaminated by the original owner. However, in order to maintain a high standard of safety, all of our products are professionally decontaminated with a water/bleach mixture, as well as other cleaning agents.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this item or if you would like us to send more pictures of it. Additionally, we are willing to perform any tests or examinations you may request in order to better determine the condition of the product. Simply contact us with detailed instructions.