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Labcyte Deerac LX Fluidics high-speed, low-volume liquid handling system 2010

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This Deerac LX was tested to run multiple tests with built-in programs before it was verified to be in excellent working condition by our in-house technical staff. Cosmetically, it is in great condition with minor scratches and scuffs that would be expected with normal usage. The back light and Z-axis drive belt have just been replaced in this instrument. The internal compressor has been checked and confirmed to be operating without any leaks. This instrument has been flushed with alcohol and is ready for use in your lab.

This is 2010 unit was originally installed at a Pfizer facility on 11/16/2010. According to the manufacturer there was only one service case for the instrument in 12/13/2013: "Error Report: Reported Run Time Error, unrecoverable communication error" The service technician found that the Z motor was shorting out. It was Replaced with a LXp Z motor and tested and normal operation was observed.

We have the users manual and remote computer software included with this system. This unit also has the optional dual Dispenser Head  to allow up to 4 reagents.

The LX reagent dispensers enable high-speed low-volume dispensing of reagents across a wide range of volumes, from 0.05-50 µL. Dispensing methods are programmed using the built-in touch screen display. Up to 10 methods can be programmed and stored in memory. Methods control plate type, dispense volumes, dispense patterns, and gradient volumes. Dispense capabilities include gradients by row or column and across the plate, as well as region dispenses. It has a single, robot-friendly, plate position which can handle 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plates.


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