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Leica ASP300 Enclosed Tissue Processor Automated Pathology Histology Refurbished

Refurbished - Tested & Fully Functional 90-Day Warranty
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The Leica ASP300 distinguishes itself from its similarly-priced older counterpart, the Sakura E300, by being more user friendly and offering convenient features that save you time and simplify your workflow, including:

-Touch screen interface that is easy to learn and use

-Transfer and Save programs on floppy disks

-Mechanically fill bottles using external reagent reservoirs and eliminate pouring (Requires optional fittings)

-Physical stir bar as opposed to Sakura air stir

-About 10 years newer than similarly priced Sakura

At New Life Scientific, we tested this tissue processor by putting it through actual processing functions in manual and programmed modes, including pumping fluids, heating the oven and retort, and draining fluids. We also calibrated the oven and retort so temperatures are read accurately. After testing, we flush the system with alcohol to clean the lines for storage.

With our 90-day warranty covering you from any unforeseen problems, this processor is ready for more years of dependable service in your lab. New Life Scientific sells and services tissue processors manufactured by Sakura, Leica, and Thermo. Even after your warranty expires, New Life Scientific can provide support and parts to keep your instrument running!

Key Points

- Refurbished - Tested and fully functional

- Good Cosmetic Condition with minor wear and a slightly cracked corner, shown in photos

- Manufactured in 10/2004

- Includes a full set of reagent jugs

- 90-Day Warranty


(1) Leica ASP300 Enclosed Tissue Processor

(1) Full set of reagent jugs

(1) Cassette-embedding rack

(1) Power Cable & Jumper Cable

This instrument is warranted functional and protected by our 90-day warranty.

Technician's Review
Our in-house technician inspected and tested this Leica ASP300 Enclosed Tissue Processor, confirming it to be fully functional. Technician tested the processor by running water through the system and into the reagent bottles. Afterwards alcohol was ran through to dry out any lingering water. The screen and different menus are all responsive.


Mfg. Year




ASP 300

Serial Number


Power Requirements

100-120V, 50/60Hz, 1000VA


(W x D x H)

23.5 x 26.5 x 52.25 in