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Leica DM IRE 2 Inverted Brightfield Phase-Contrast Research Microscope DMIRE2

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This Leica DM IRE2 is verified to be in great working condition by our in-house technical staff. The cosmetic condition is excellent, showing few signs of use or wear. This microscope is designed for use in a wide variety of techniques including phase contrast, Brightfield, Darkfield, Hoffman modulation contrast, fluorescence, and DIC. This specific microscope filter wheel has Brightfield and fluorescence along with Phase 0 - 3. The instrument offers a diode display, push buttons, and simple navigation for the users convenience. No nose piece is included, but the standard is a sextuple nose piece purchased through the manufacturer. There is an opening in the back intended for the addition of another light source. This unit is fitted with the N16 filter which offers a reduction of 1/16 in transmission.

This system is designed to be computer-controlled with all images viewed via a computer screen. The required computer and software is not included, but the proper controller is.

The microplate stage is made by Prior Scientific Instruments, model H107DMRC and S/N 50118.

This microscope includes a Leica CTR MIC controller, DC 500 camera, fully motorized microplate stage, motorized objectives and motorized filter wheel. This is a highly customizable system if desired; many additional components and features may be purchased through the manufacturer.

There are 3 objectives:

  • x10 P/N 506505

  • x5/0.12 P/N 806087

  • x2.5/0.07 P/N 567010

2 are PL Fluotar and 1 is N-Plan. The N-Plan objectives are useful for transmitted light and DIC applications and have a field flatness up to 22mm. The PL Fluotars are typically used for fluorescence microscopy.

Information about the appropriate filter cubes for any Leica microscope can be found here.

The Leica DM IRE2 stand manual can be found here and the DC 500 manual





Manufacture Date

November 2005

DM IRE2 Stand

S/N: 11888238 264968

Model: 11020134070

CTR MIC Controller

S/N: 242237

DC 500 Camera

S/N: 08150505

P/N: 12447108

Our products have likely been decommissioned and decontaminated by the original owner. However, in order to maintain a high standard of safety, all of our products are professionally decontaminated with a water/bleach mixture, as well as other cleaning agents.

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Condition Description Great working and cosmetic condition.