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Leica DM4 B Biological Science Clinical Research Upright Microscope with Cameras

Mfg. 2014 w/ DFC 450 & Orca Flash Cameras
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The Leica DM4B microscope is an upright digital microscope that can be used for research and clinical applications. The nosepiece features multiple objectives for 5x magnification up to 100x oil immersion inspection strength for fine detail. The included Hamamatsu camera (16 bit) is capable of live imaging and capturing images for inspection and approximate size analysis.

Condition Description

This microscope system is in excellent condition and was originally purchased in 2014/5. Select purchasing documents are included along with the manual. The technicians did not acquire any Leica software (LAS: application suite) that is commonly advertised with this product. Without this software, the user will be unable to operate the Leica DFC450 camera. The installed Hamamatsu camera mounted on top has free software provided by the manufacturer for live images, capturing images, and applying measurements which comes installed on the included computer.

Testing & Evaluation

New Life Scientific technicians acquired a new power supply and 3.0 USB cable for the Hamamatsu camera mounted on the DM4. The computer workstation is equipped with a USB 3.0 to assure the customer will have the best performance from the two instruments. The computer, light source, microscope, and camera were powered on and tested for functionality. Adjusting the settings (camera versus eyepieces), light, stage position, coarse and fine focus can be a daunting task when first starting the examination/inspection. However, there are buttons and programs that the user can set for specific processes that are commonly repeated; please review the manual for these steps. Switching between objectives will adjust the light intensity that was used previously with that objective, but the user should note there will be learning involved unless you are already familiar with this system.

This unique, yet simple, microscope system combines the traditional manual stage and focus adjustments with a touch of 'high tech.' The provided light source is an LED third party system and there are multiple objectives for detail and sample sizes. The eyepieces or camera can be used to find the marker, and the captured image can be reviewed for intensity, color overlay, and enhanced in the Hamamatsu software. Leica Application Suite (LAS) software that automates functions, captures images, and serves as a 'work-flow based software' for capturing images was not acquired and will not be included with this purchase. Please contact your local Leica sales rep for pricing. The DM4 B is a young functional microscope system that can be used in a variety of applications that is an advanced system priced well and a current Leica model for science research and clinical labs.


-Manual 2-gear focus drive (coarse/fine)

-Manual stage w/ programmable buttons

-Illumination manager

-LED illumination


-Microscope (no slides)


-Light Source

-Camera (Hamamatsu)

-DFC450 (Untested)

-All Cabling / Power Cords

-PC w/ HC Software (free)


-Mouse, Monitor, and Keyboard


Leica Microsystems





C11440- Orca FLash 4.0LT

S/N 00498

USB 3.0

Light Source




Power Requirements

120V Cords Included

Manufacturer's Spec.

(Source Link Below)

Objective Turret: Absolute Coded

6/7x M25 Thread (7 optional)


Stage: Mechanical, y-drive belt, 110°Swivel


6 Programmable Functions


Condenser Head (Motorized)


Light source: LED (HgX optional)


HC PL Fluotar 5x/0.15 /-/OFN25/C

HC Plan Fluotar 10x/0.30 /-/OFN25/D

HC Plan APO 20x/0.70 /0.17/C

HCX Fluotar 40x/0.75 /0.17/D

HC PL APO 63x/1.40-0.60 Oil /0.17/OFN25/E

HCS PL APO 100x/1.40-0.70 Oil /0.17/D

Product Publications

DM4-B Flyer

DM4-6 Brochure

Warranty & Disclaimer

Our products have likely been decommissioned and decontaminated by the original owner. However, in order to maintain a high standard of safety, all products are professionally decontaminated with a water/bleach mixture, as well as other cleaning agents.

While New Life Scientific takes many steps to ensure that our instruments are in perfect working order we cannot ensure that all products are up to manufacturer specifications. We recommend every product undergo professional installation and calibration before use in research, production, and clinical applications. For this reason, we offer a 90-day warranty on all working products in the interest of maximum customer satisfaction.