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Matrical Brooks SonicMan SCM1000-4 Sonicator DNA Shearing Lysis Sequencing

Manufactured 2013 w/ 90-Day Warranty
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At a Glance

-Tested Chiller, Horn, Tray/Stage & Confirmed Functional

-Mfg. 2013, Excellent Cosmetic Condition

-Includes: Polyscience Chiller, SonicMan sonicator, Chiller Tubing (photographed)

This product is guaranteed to be fully-functional with a 90-Day Warranty. It is an excellent opportunity for a genetics lab needing to expand their throughput on a budget.

The Brooks SonicMan provides sonic waves for shearing samples in well plates. The sonic energy passes through consumable stainless steel pin lids that can be discarded to prevent cross-contamination.
The SonicMan provides accelerated DNA shearing for genome sequencing using sonication (5-90 minutes) and does not require specialized reagents.


Technician’s Evaluation

The technician confirmed that the SonicMan is a complete functional sonicator. The included chiller was cooled to the low temperature of -45°C and will be shipped with the antifreeze solution in it. The instrument initializes and is 'ready' to run a sample, after self-checks and requires a steady air supply. The technician reviewed the maintenance screens without errors and noted that it can be operated from the control panel. Additionally, it has ports (RS232 & ethernet) which may serve to integrate the instrument with other automated systems (untested feature). The regulator for the air line is defective and the user may wish to replace it to monitor pressure; the instrument requires 100-120 psi to operate.


Matrical / Brooks Life Science Systems


Serial Number



28 x 19.5 x 36.5"
225 lbs

Power Requirements

(Brooks) 240 VAC
(Polyscience) 120 VAC