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Mesdan Lab Twist Tester 2531D Traditional/Direct Methods Yarn Thread Fibers

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This Mesdon Twist Tester 2531D is verified to be in great working condition by our in-house technical staff. The cosmetic condition is excellent, showing little to no signs of wear or tear. This instrument is fully tested and ready for manufacturing quality control use; there are no missing components, all parts spin freely, and the counter works as it should. One of the spools was replaced as well.

The Twist Tester is designed to test the twist of both single and twisted yarns, and features two testing methods: traditional and direct. The traditional method untwists and retwists single yarns whereas the direct method untwists plied yarns, multi-filaments, and threads. The clamps are adjustable between 0-20. Additionally, the Twist Tester 2351D can be setup and operated virtually anywhere due to its internal power source, a digital counter battery.

Included with purchase is a brand new unopened set of weights.




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