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Used: Metrohm Brinkmann 726 Titroprocessor w/ 685 Dosimat Exchange Units + 728 Stirrer

From Professional Dealer. 90-Day Warranty Included.

Quick Overview

Used - A pre-owned and tested instrument that may show signs of wear

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Backed by a 90-day Warranty - Your instrument works, or we repair, refund, or replace.
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Metrohm Brinkmann 726 Titroprocessor with 685 Dosimat Exchange Units + Stirrer Guaranteed to Work in Good Physical Condition

The Metrohm Brinkmann 726 Titroprocessor takes the tedium out of titration by offering fully-automated sampling and analysis. Able to work either as a stand-alone titrator or as the brain of a powerful analytic system, you can be sure that the 726 will scale to meet your labs needs.

We at New Life Scientific are offering a pre-owned 726 Titroprocessor with two Metrohm Brinkmann 685 Dosimat exchange units and a Metrohm 728 stirrer. With our system, you can process more samples with greater accuracy than ever and still be home in time for dinner.

- You can purchase further accessories for this system on our eBay store.

All Parts Tested & Verified

Our technician verified that the 726 Titroprocessor initializes and detects both Dosimats correctly. Once the exchange units are ready, pressing Enter causes the Dosimat valve motors to initialize and home themselves.

Pressing the Fill/Empty command causes the syringe plunger to raise/lower. Besides some chemical stains, the entire system is in good condition.The 728 stirrer was tested and found to be fully functional with no excess noise.

Note: We were not able to test all of the communication ports on the Titroprocessor,
but we have no reason to believe they are non-functional.

Whats Included

- Metrohm Brinkmann 726 Titroprocessor
- (x2) Metrohm Brinkmann 685 Dosimat w/ 20mL exchange unit
- Metrohm 728 Stirrer
- Sensor connection cable
- Power cable
- Operation manual

Dependable Instrument Vendor

New Life Scientific is an experienced scientific vendor with a history of
positive customer experiences (just check out our reputation!). You
can have confidence in our technical evaluations and our warranty knowing
that we have actual in-house technicians who inspect, test, service, and
repair the various instruments we receive.

After examination and thorough cleaning, products often leave our shop
meeting manufacturer specs.

When you buy from New Life Scientific, you're free to contact us at any time
for after-sales support concerning any questions or issues that may arise, even
after your warranty expires.

Manufacturer Specifications




726 Titroprocessor

Type No.


Measurement Ranges

Potentiometric: -2500mV to +2500mV; pH -20.000 to +20.000

Amperometric: -250A to +250A (Upol)

Voltametric: -2500mV to +2500mv (Ipol)

Temperature: -150C to +450C


640 x 400 dots

72 Hz refresh rate

Backlit LCD

257mm diagonal

Power Requirements

Line Voltage: 100 to 120V 10%, 220 to 240V 10%

Line Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Consumption: Max. 160 VA

Fuse: 2 ATH (slow-blow, high breaking capacity)

5 mm , length 20 mm

Dimensions (W x D x H)

40.5 x 50 x 17.5 cm (15.94 x 19.69 x 6.89)


11.1 kg (24.47 lbs)