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Used: Milestone Histos 5 Microwave Tissue Processor Histoprocessor w/ M-5-381 Terminal

Fully Functional. Backed by 90-Day Warranty.

Quick Overview

Used - A pre-owned and tested instrument that may show signs of wear.

Flat-Rate Freight with a Custom Crate ($380) - The instrument is protected by a custom-built, foam-padded crate.

Backed by a 90-day Warranty - Your instrument works, or we repair, refund, or replace.
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Milestone Histos 5 Microwave Tissue Processor

Fully Functional and Packaged with a Boatload of Accessories

The Milestone Histos 5 is a breakthrough system that sliced histoprocessing and diagnosis times from being measured in days, to just hours.

With same-day diagnosis made possible by the Histos's microwave processing capabilities, oncologists and patients can spearhead treatment faster than ever before and improve chances of recovery.

Our pre-owned Histos 5 is guaranteed to work and comes with a plethora of accessories. We are confident this Histos 5 will offer reliable performance for a long time yet.

Want more info? 👇 Here's a summary on our. . .

Professional Testing: Excellent Results All Around

After cleaning and inspecting this histoprocesser, we ran it through the following series of tests:

    - Heating 1 liter of water to verify microwave functionality and determine wattage: PASSED
    - Running service diagnostic procedures: PASSED
    - Testing all relays, pumps, sensors, etc.: PASSED

In short, this Histos 5 passed all of our testing with flying colors, indicating perfect functionality. You can have confidence in this unit's long term reliability.

Includes a Plethora of Accessories

Besides the microwave histoprocessor itself and its M-5-381 control terminal, the Histos 5 comes with all of the following accessories:

    - 110/30 vessel adapter
    - x3 magnetic stirrers
    - Vacuum retort/wax module
    - Positioning plate
    - Paraffin exchange tubing
    - Exhaust tubing
    - Lifting tool
    - x3 No-vacuum vessels with racks, stir bar assemblies, and lids
    - x2 top rings for the cassette holder
    - Histos 3/5 Operation Manual (MM052, July 2008)
    - Rack transfer drip tray
    - Data and power cables

Features & Benefits: Why Choose the Histos 5?

The Histos 5 has a metric ton of great features. Here's a list of some of the best, along with the corresponding ways that they make your or a patient's life easier.



Same-day diagnosis

Patient & doctor don't have to delay treatment

Can easily process fatty tissues

You can get reliable results even on hard-to-process samples

Samples have short exposure to alcohols and waxes

Samples are easy to slice as they don't become brittle

Parallel processing

Two simultaneous processes = twice the efficiency

Reuse paraffin wax

You save time and money

From a Professional Dealer to Your Facility

New Life Scientific is an experienced scientific vendor with a history of positive customer experiences (just check out our eBay reputation!). You can have confidence in our technical evaluations and our warranty knowing that we have actual in-house technicians who inspect, test, service, and repair the various instruments we receive.

After examination and thorough cleaning, products often leave our shop meeting manufacturer specs.

When you buy from New Life Scientific, you’re free to contact us at any time for after-sales support concerning any questions or issues that may arise, even after your warranty expires.


Microwave unit



Serial No.


Mfg. Date

December 2008

Voltage Input

115 V +/-10%

Freq. Input

60 Hz

Power Input

1600 VA

MicroWave Output

800W - 2450MHz

Dry-Wax unit



Serial No.


Mfg. Date

December 2008

Voltage Input

115 V +/-10%

Freq. Input

60 Hz

Power Input

830 VA

Histos Terminal



Serial No.


Mfg. Date

December 2008