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Milestone Histos 5 Rapid Microwave Histoprocessor Histology Pathology

With 90-Day Warranty
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Key Point
-Functional & Tested
-Exceptional condition
-Backed by a 90-Day Warranty

Includes: (1) Microwave (1) Dry Wax Module (1) Controller Interface (1) Positioning Plate (1) Stirrer / Disk (1) 90-Day Warranty


This system includes the Milestone Histos 5 microwave tissue processor and dry wax impregnation vats. The irradiation is monitored and consistent with the computer controller that holds programs and offers adjustable parameters. The Histos 5 processing system is incredibly clean and passed the physical evaluation; this system is in good cosmetic condition.

Testing & Evaluation

New LIfe Scientific technicians tested and repaired pieces of this system. The controller terminal required a screen and digitizer replacement. The Windows CE operating system does not save the registry which requires the user to re-calibrate the screen with each reboot; a USB mouse is included to save the user unnecessary time re-calibrating the screen each use. The microwave and controller communicate without error, leading the technicians to conclude this is a functional system.




Histos 5

Serial Number

Dry Wax Unit


Histos Terminal


Microwave Unit





Wax Module (w/ terminal)


Power Requirements


Product Publications

"The HISTOS 5, which combines microwave irradiation with state-of-the-art computer control of power, time and temperature, consistently produces rapidly processed tissues with optimal cytomorphology and improved tissue sectioning properties. The HISTOS 5 unique processing technique provides higher throughput, same-day processing for same-day diagnosis, less patient stress, and a greener and safer work environment. UNMATCHED PROCESSING TIMES. HISTOS5 Rapid and consistent processing of specimens of 4-5 mm thickness is made possible by the patented intermediate evaporation step with a preset vacuum protocol down to 100 mbar." (Excerpt Source: Milestone Histos 3/5)