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For Parts or Repair: Nuaire AW-C-048-MV Awel Refrigerated Centrifuge w/ SL-400 Rotor & Buckets

Quick Overview

For Parts or Repair - Non-functional, but may be a great source of spare parts.

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Nuaire AW-C048-MV MF 48 Awel Refrigerated Centrifuge w/ SL-400 Rotor, Buckets and Bucket Adapters 7x15mL
In Good Physical Condition for Parts or Repair

Technical Testing and Evaluation

The centrifuge will power on and then give a Error 5 with no spinning action. Likely causes according to the manual are: Stuck Rotor, Bad Tachometer , or Bad Motor/Board.

The technician made sure the rotor wasn’t sticking and the tachometer worked, deciding most likely cause would be the motor/board is bad.
Upon further inspection he noticed the power switch is loose, this will need replaced or glued into place.

If you already have one of these it would make an excellent parts or repair unit. Since this is being sold as a parts or repair centrifuge No Warranty is included with this sale.

Included with this centrifuge

- 1x High Speed Rotor SL-400 RFID
- 4x Swing Buckets N-400 S
- 4x Bucket Adapters 7x15mL Cat. Number 30002007




Mfg. Year



AW-C-048-MV Centrifuge
SL-400RFID Rotor
7x15mL Adapters

Cat. Number

20022011 Centrifuge
30002024 Rotor
30002007 Adapters

Serial Number

912070023 Centrifuge

Power Requirements

120V, 60Hz, 7A

Dimensions (WxDxH)


16.5 x 20.5 x 12 in