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Perkin Elmer Opera High Content Screening Cellular Microplate Confocal Imaging

Includes Software, License, and Live-Cell Capability
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New Life Scientific acquired the Perkin Elmer Opera HCS imaging system as a former asset of a pharmaceutical facility. The software, PC, and mechanical integrity of the components remained intact along with the expanded network housed in the instrument table. The Opera is in good cosmetic condition. There are minor signs of wear and age on the instrument's body and cart, but it does not hinder the functionality of the system. This instrument has been examined by New Life Scientific technical staff and found to be in good working condition. The instrument was manufactured in October of 2007.

Hardware Description

This particular system includes three water objectives with Perkin Elmer patented collars that reduce noise while viewing and capturing sample shots along with an air objective, mounted on an automated turret in the Opera. The light source options vary for sample requirements including four lasers and an external UV Xenon source. There are filters per camera that must be adjusted based on the light source used and the sample type. Although the Opera is a large system, it is conveniently disassembled for adjusting the ultra-sensitive cameras and light sources which is approachable for most technicians. Perkin Elmer currently offers more compact imaging systems that are more difficult to maintain and manually adjust.

Included software features

This instrument includes many software components, as well as a certificate of licensing. Please keep in mind that this license may not be legally transferrable and the end-user may need to contact Perkin Elmer to relicense the software. The software on the PC corresponds with the the Opera, climate A/C and ACU extension, and the UV Xe lamp. The EvoShell software controls the internal components of the Opera such as the objective turret and laser autofocus. The Climitization software maintains the settings for the climate extension to help keep cell samples viable during imaging and can be ran in the background. The Acapella and Columbus software runs as plug-ins with the EvoShell software which allows the user to access tutorials, the script library database, and take images at the same time.

Testing and Functionality

New Life Scientific technicians have evaluated the objectives, peristaltic pump, cameras, light sources, and PC and confirmed that it is fully functional. New Life Scientific technicians have replaced a fiber optic cable to one of the cameras and some of the skirting.

Due to the ultra-sensitivity of the instrument, it is highly recommended that the customer have a technician adjust the cameras, lasers, and other moving pieces to align them for the best quality image. Perkin Elmer continues to produce Opera progeny such as the Phenix and Operetta while continuing to offer support and service for this product


Perkin Elmer




(October 2007)

Climate Units

A/C: ACU07-0097 (October 2008)
A/C Extension: ACE02-0015
 (October 2007)


Water: 20, 40, 60x
Air: 20, 40x


Opera 2.0 Dongle SMA 2016-12-31

Light Source & Wavelength

PolyChrome V Xenon- 350-410 nm
Coherent Red-640 nm
Coherent Yellow- 561 nm
Coherent Blue-488 nm
Coherent Violet-405 nm

Included Components



A/C Extenstion
UV Light Source

Our products have likely been decommissioned and decontaminated by the original owner. However, in order to maintain a high standard of safety, all of our products are professionally decontaminated with a water/bleach mixture, as well as other cleaning agents.

System Overview

The Perkin Elmer Opera is a high-content laser scanning confocal microscope for live and fixed cells, tissues, and other sample types. This system is capable of viewing the depth and detail of samples on a per well basis on a variety of microplates. The Climate controlled extension for the Opera provides a favorable environment based on the individual carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity needs of the cells. The Opera can use microplates with well quantities from 96 to 1536 from various manufacturers for analysis, taking up to 100,000 images per day. Perkin Elmer EvoShell software controls and analyzes the size, shape, and quantity of data captured by the three cooled confocal CCD cameras and the fourth non-confocal. The Yokogawa confocal scanner unit uses Nipkow spinning disks and is ideal for live cell and sensitive sample analysis because it inhibits sample saturation and higher resolution images.

The Perkin Elmer EvoShell software works in tandem with the Acapella analysis database and Columbus software. The EvoShell operates as a control center for opening and closing the sample tray, switching cameras and objectives, turning on lights, imaging, and managing data. The Acapella includes a host of images, scripts, and algorithms that help the user compare and use pre-determined parameters; there is a studio function in which the user can alter parameters using templates and test them. The Opera requires that the user define the microplate, the sample parameters, and greatly relies on information input; consequently, inexperienced users are highly recommended to familiarize themselves with the software and the loaded Columbus tutorials. The installed sample scripts and user guides serve as an introduction to the Opera and its capabilities. The resolution and depth of the images offer 3-D shots that can be contrasted in color or a gray scale allowing the user to identify sub-cellular features.