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Functional Condition

  • Refurbished

    These instruments perform at manufacturer specifications, having undergone repair or service and sometimes cosmetic refinishing. Often, our work leaves the instrument in better functional condition and expected longevity than other used instruments of the same age. They are in excellent cosmetic condition.

    Includes 120 day Warranty

  • NLS Certified

    These instruments have been confirmed to perform at manufacturer specifications by NLS technical staff and carry a longer warranty than standard used products. Additional extended warranties may be available for these instruments.

    Includes 120 day Warranty

  • Used Guaranteed

    These instruments have undergone various levels of quality testing, some quite limited and others extensive. However, all are guaranteed to perform to manufacturer specifications unless some defect or limitation has been specified. Please pay close attention to the description to understand exactly what you are purchasing.

    Includes 90 day Warranty

  • Not Working

    These instruments are either known to be malfunctioning or not guaranteed to function properly and are suitable for repair or salvaging for parts. They are not protected by a warranty.

    Does not include a warranty

Cosmetic Condition

  • Excellent

    This product could almost be mistaken for being new, having negligible or no cosmetic issues. These issues may include things such as a small scratch or a few small nicks in the exterior. Little can be done to improve the condition level of this product.

  • Good

    This product has the appearance of a typical used product having some minor cosmetic issues and typical wear from use. These issues may include things such as scratches, scuff marks, nicks, a small hairline crack, or shallow dents in the exterior. Fixing these issues would only somewhat improve the condition level of this product, but wouldn’t be considered necessary.

  • Fair

    This product is clearly used and worn from much use having significant cosmetic issues and wear. These issues may include things such as large sections of paint chipping, scratches, deep scuff marks, dents, discoloration, cracks or stains. Fixing these issues would improve the condition level of this product, but it may be too costly.

  • Poor

    This has the appearance of being broken and/or heavily worn from use having serious cosmetic issues and wear. These issues may include things such as huge sections of missing paint, discoloration, caustic erosion, deep dents, large cracks or frame warping. A major overhaul of the cosmetics would be required to fix the issues with this product.

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