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For Parts or Repair: QIAGEN Autopure LS Automated Genomic DNA Purification LargeVolume Sample 900134

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For Parts or Repair - Non-functional, but may be a great source of spare parts

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QIAGEN Autopure LS Automated Genomic DNA Purification LargeVolume Sample 9001340 in Fair Condition with Manuals and Software - For Parts or Repair

Well equipped and free of any major damage, this QIAGEN Autopure LS has been
thoroughly inspected and tested by our technician, verifying most of the internal
systems functional without error.

This system comes with software, manuals, and some additional accessories and
consumables. For operation, consumables will need to be acquired separately.

Interested in a specific part, but not the whole system?

Here at New Life Scientific, we work closely with our customers to meet their needs.
If youre looking for a specific component from this system and arent interested in
paying the price of the whole system, then please contact us. We are open to negotiating
lower prices for individual components from the instruments we list for Parts.

In Fair Physical Condition

This Autopure LS is in fair physical condition with no visible damage to the internal
components, only some noticeable wear and age is present. The shaker assembly
has some significant wear from use.

There are a few scuff marks on the exterior surfaces, especially on the rear left side
of the instrument. Also, the waste cabinet door hinge is broken, causing the door to
not open and close properly, and hanging oddly when closed. Rewelding the hinge
should repair it nicely.

Components Tested by Technician

Our technician inspected this Autopure LS and tested it to confirm the robotics,
vacuum pumps, compressor, centrifuge, control interface, and waste sensors are
working. However, upon initialization, an error with the waste bottle overflow
sensor, vacuum, and pressure is reported.

We replaced the overflow sensor with a new one, but that didnt fix the issue.
The error appears to be coming from a short on the circuit, but we were unable
to pinpoint it.

Upon initialization the vacuum pumps run, however, a Loss of Vacuum error
is reported. This error may be resulting from the components not being set up
correctly for normal operation.

The following tests were performed:
- Powers on and initializes, resulting in an error with the waste overflow sensor,
vacuum, and pressure
- Robotics working, diagnostics allowed homing of each motor
- Vacuum pumps working, runs but complains of a vacuum leak which be due to
not being properly setup
- Compressor working, runs and doesnt give a direct pressure error, just a
pressure/vacuum error and a second vacuum error
- Centrifuge working, diagnostics allowed for running centrifuge without error
- Interface and software control working, but monitor appears to be losing function
and may soon need replaced
- Waste sensors working and new waste overflow sensor installed

Functional Components, Manuals, & Software

Although not in a fully-functional condition, this Autopure LS comes with many, if
not all of the internal components, including the centrifuge and vacuum pumps
below the main work space. This system also includes the Autopure LS software,
manual, and some useful accessories and consumables.

Additional consumables will need to acquired separately for operation.

This system includes the following:
- QIAGEN Autopure LS Cat. No. 9001340
- 2x Vacuum Pump Assy. VP0041 PN/Rev: 618136-001/A
- Piston Pump Assy. PP0045 PN/Rev:612287-001/E
- Shaker Assy. SH0034 PN/Rev: 618005-003/L
- Capper Head Assy. CH0040 PN/Rev: 618004-003/M
- Capper Shuttle Assy. CS0039 PN/Rev: 618027-0003/D
- Reagent Dispense Assy. RD0044 PN/Rev: 618007-003/H
- Pick-up Head Assy. PH0041 PN/Rev: 618021-003/G
- Tube Transfer Assy. TT0040 PN/Rev: 618000-003/H
- Eppendorf Robotic Centrifuge

Software included:
- Autopure LS Instrument Software 3.1.5 (AP-0098)
- Autopure LS User Manual Version: 02/2008 (AP-0098)
- Autopure LS Restore CD Version: 02/2008 (AP-0098)
- Autopure LS Standard Protocols P/N 670038-000 Rev. G
- APCP Software APCP-129
- Autopure Back-up Disc
- Microsoft IntelliPoint 6.2
- Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning

Accessories/Consumables included:
- Autopure LS User Manual Version 1.0
- 2x Cell Lysis Solution (1000 ml) Cat. No. 158908
- 3x Assy, Downtube, 3.8L AD-3800
- Decon Tube, Water, AP98 APS-008
- Decon Tube, Actril, AP98 APS-009
- Assy, Downtube, 2.5Gal w/ Shutoff AD-9500
- Residual Test Strips
- Tubing
- 2x Pack of Fuses
- Other assorted items and documents





Autopure LS

Cat. No.


Serial No.


Batch Size

8 or 16 samples

Sample Processing

Samples are processed in Autopure Qubes, specially designed 50 ml polypropylene tubes with quarter-turn caps and a square flange for precise positioning and handling. Autopure Qubes are fitted for bar code tracking.

Power Requirements

200-240V, 50-60Hz, 3840VA, 1Ph

Dimensions (W x D x H)

75 x 31 x 69 in


689 kg (1500 lbs)