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For Parts: QIAGEN QIAsymphony SP Sample Preparation Fully-Automated RNA DNA Purification

Quick Overview

For Parts or Repair - Non-functional, but may be a great source of spare parts.

Flat-Rate Freight ($285) - The instrument is web-wrapped to a pallet with shrink-wrap.

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QIAGEN QIAsymphony SP Magnetic-Particle Chemistry Analyzer -- For Parts or Repair

This QIAsymphony is missing its enclosure and has a faulty screen, though everything else appears to be functional. When powered on, the system initializes and the operating system displays. However, the touch screen's faulty calibration renders the system inoperable.

Before the screen became faulty this system was serviced by a technician who recalibrated the deck and updated the programming. Once the touchscreen and enclosure are replaced, we're confident this system will work as intended.

Interested in a specific part, but not the whole system?

Here at New Life Scientific, we work closely with our customers to meet their needs. If you're looking for a specific component from this system and aren't interested in paying the price of the whole system, then please contact us. We are open to negotiating lower prices for individual components from the instruments we list as being "for parts or repair".

Though it’s damaged, we’ve included the front plexiglass hood for you to reference if you intend on manufacturing your own hood.








Serial No.


Power Requirements

100-240V, 50/60Hz, 800VA

Dimensions (W x D x H)

50" x 28" x 40"