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Reed ReeWelder Thermasept I Wave BioTech Sterile Tube Fuser Welder (Parts)

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The Reed tube welder is in good cosmetic condition, but has functional errors. New Life Scientific technicians notes that the welder does not operate correctly, because the blades heat too highly and browns the tube ends, without fusing them properly. The blade on the instrument raises and lowers, the door lock works, but the heating function is either slow or works too well. There may be a calibration or setting that the technicians were unable to adjust and it will be sold as a part unit. This listing includes the 3/4" tubing holders set.

Reed Electronics

Model: ReeWelder Thermasept I

Serial Number: RW-58

Part Number: F6721

Details from the manufacturer:

Creates strong, sterile welds without fittings or clamps. LCD display features step-by-step prompts for easy set-up. One button operation provides simple operation, eliminating user error. Programmed for PharMed®, Norprene® and C-Flex® tubing (Tygon® and PVC settings also available). Fully-automated sterile tubing fuser aseptically connects both Masterflex pump tubing and general purpose transfer tubing from 1/4 to 7/8 OD. Interchangeable holders can be replaced in seconds; the machine recognizes each holder and automatically loads the correct program for that size. This allows you to use the same fuser for many different applications and customize each to your specific needs. Stainless steel welding blades heat to sterilization temperature, cool to welding temperature, then cool completely for safe disposal. Tubing remains in contact with sterile blade at all times to ensure fluid purity, and blades are coated with a chemically-inert, FDA-approved PTFE coating to prevent leaching or sticking. Single-use blades prevent cross-contamination. A non-contact IR sensor precisely monitors and maintains blade temperature to ensure durable, secure welds every time.