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Sakura Accu-Cut SRM 200 Rotary Manual Microtome w/ Disposable Knife Assembly

Fully-Functional and Backed by a 90-Day Warranty
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Sakura Accu-Cut SRM 200 Rotary Microtome

Maximized Flexibility

The Sakura Accu-Cut SRM 200 is a flexible, modern microtome perfect for the lab with diverse sectioning needs. Applicable in clinical, research, and industrial facilities, the SRM 200 can adapt to virtually any workflow.

If you need a precise, reliable, and flexible manual microtome; look no further. Here's six reasons why this is what you want.

    1. It’s guaranteed to work flawlessly

This microtome was tested in-house by one of our professional technicians, who was pleased to report that all aspects of the unit are fully operational.

    2. It’s been professionally serviced

Our technician cleaned and lubricated this machine before testing in an effort to make this product look and feel as premium as possible. Thanks to that TLC, this Accu-Cut now operates even more smoothly than when it arrived (and it looks better, too).

    3. It has a tri-axis articulating specimen head

Slice from the perfect angle with three-axis (XYZ) specimen orientation. The specimen head can be angled top to bottom, side to side, and rotate 360° so you can section as you see fit.

    4. It supports specimen retraction

If you’re a regular microtome user, you know the value of specimen retraction. Without it, the friction caused by the blade rubbing against the sample on its return damages the sample. That worry has been totally negated by the integrated retraction that the Accu-Cut has. Every time you slice, the specimen is retracted 220 microns. 

    5. It has a mechanical trimming lever

The mechanical trimming function in this thing makes it a breeze to cut in 10µ or 50µm intervals. No need to manually make those fine adjustments!

    6. Lateral-displacement, low-profile blade holder included

You can use the full length of the microtome blade without releasing the locking mechanism or directly shifting the blade.

Still not sure? Check out the below info 👇

Tested, Serviced, and Ready to Slice 

We cleaned and lubricated this microtome thoroughly, including the knife assembly and specimen clamp. After cleaning and, we ensured that everything functioned as intended. Both the handwheel and specimen clamp work very well.

All you’ll need to use this puppy is a blade.

Manual available upon request.

From a Professional Dealer to your Lab

New Life Scientific is an experienced scientific vendor with a history of positive customer experiences (just check out our reviews!). You can have confidence in our technical evaluations and our warranty knowing that we have actual in-house technicians who inspect, test, service, and repair the various instruments we receive. 

After their examinations and being cleaned inside and out, products often leave our shop meeting manufacturer specs. When you buy from New Life Scientific, you’re free to contact us at any time for after-sales support concerning any questions or issues that may arise, even after your warranty expires.


Serial No.


Product Code


Section Thickness Range

0.5 - 60 µm

Sectioning Thickness Selection Increments

From 0 to 2 µm in 0.5 µm
From 2 to 10 µm in 1 µm
From 10 to 20 µm in 2 µm
From 20 to 60 µm in 5 µm

Horizontal Specimen Advance

25 mm

Vertical Specimen Stroke Length

59 mm

Clearance Angle for Blade Holder

0 - 10°

Specimen Orientation

Three-axis orientation
Horizontal: 8°
Vertical: 8°
Rotation: 90°

Micron Thickness Setting

Adjustable with visual display

Trimming Steps

10 µm, 50µm

Displacement of Blade Holder Base


  • Maximum: 55 mm
  • With all adapters attached: 40 mm

East/West: 45 mm

Operational Temperature

+10°C to +40°C (50°F to 104°F)

Dimensions (W x D x H)

15.8” x 18.5” x 11.6” (40 x 47 x 29.5 cm)

Weight (no accessories)

64 lbs (29 kg)