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Sandstone Ellman Cynosure Cheveux Diode Laser 810-855nm Hair Removal Cosmetic

Mfg. 2010 w/ 2360 Pulses Logged
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The Sandstone Medical (Ellman) Cheveux diode hair removal laser features pulses between 810 and 855 nm in a fast and regular removal program with an adjustable frequency and randiant exposure setting.

Condition Description
This hair removal laser is in excellent cosmetic condition and was manufactured in 2010. The exposure count is 2360 pulses and boasts longevity with a meter capable of logging extended use. The user will need to provide the appropriate eyewear, but all necessary components to power and use the laser are included. The closed cooling system uses distilled water and the correct fittings and funnel are packaged and photographed for reference.

Technical Evaluation
New Life Scientific technicians filled the laser cooling system with water and powered the system on. The technician noted this system was in good physical condition and worked seamlessly, powering on, switching between programs, and testing. The technicians used the laser on skin which did not result in errors, but foreign territory adjusting the exposure and frequency. The tech shop and staff member confirmed that this instrument is functional. This is an excellent cost-efficient investment for an aesthetic medicine facility.


Sandstone Medical (Ellman)

Model & Serial Number

Cheveux Diode Laser


Manufactured 2010



Approx. 110 lbs


Spot Size: 10x14mm

Wavelength: 810-855 nm

Exposure: 10-110 J/cm2

Frequency: 1-10 Hz

Power Supply

100-120V Included