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Shimadzu UV160 UV-Vis Spectroscopy Spectrophotometer Dual Beam

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At a Glance
-Tested UV160U with a holmium oxide reference cuvette
-Sample Cuvette Holder & Reference Holder
-Simple Design & Easy to Use
-Built-In Printer (untested)


Condition Description

The Shimadzu UV-160 is an older steadfast spectrophotometer that meets the basic needs of low throughput spectroscopy. Whether it is an introductory laboratory course or a professional lab that requires infrequent concentration analysis, this cost efficient analytical instrument will satisfy your needs. This spectrophotometer's menu is easy to navigate and quick to learn for first-time users. 


Technical Evaluation
The spectrophotometer was tested using four separate mock-runs. The technicians performed a blank run, an empty cuvette, the Holmium oxide reference, and then an opaque surface. There are two Shimadzu UV160(s) available and both resulted in similar results at 800 nm (greater wavelength than needed).



Model & Serial Number

Cat. No. 204-04550-51

Power Supply






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