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Thermo Finnigan Surveyor MS Pump SRVYR-MPUMP HPLC Mass Spectrometry

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Tested, Functional Thermo Finnigan Surveyor
MS Pump with 90-Day Warranty

A low-pressure mixing pump with built-in solvent degassing and pulse dampening
systems, this Surveyor MS pump system provides optimum performance in the
lower flow rate ranges needed for mass spectrometry.

This instrument is designed to function with the Surveyor high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) system, able to be remotely controlled by PC and software
which would need to be provided by the end user.

This MS pump has been inspected and tested by our technician, verifying the
instrument to complete initialization and enter a Ready run state.

In Good Physical Condition

The overall physical condition of this MS pump is good with very minor signs of
wear, including a couple small scuffs, scatches, and drip stain on the front panel.
The interior compartment is in especially good condition with little sign of spillage.

Initializes and Enters Ready Run State

After inspecting and testing this MS pump, our technician found this instrument
to be working and in good physical condition. The MS pump initializes and enters
a Ready run state shortly after being powered on.

The following tests were performed to verify functionality:

- MS Pump powers on, initializes, and enters Ready run state
- Power and Run status LEDs activate and show solid Green, indicating a normal
Ready state, ready for a run
- Comm status LED activates and shows solid Amber, indicating Communication
with the data system has not been established which is normal since no PC was
connected at the time of testing
- Degas status LED activates and shows solid Amber, indicating The degas unit
is building vacuum. A flashing Amber would indicate failure, which it does not do.

Whats Included

This system includes the following:

- Thermo Finnigan Surveyor MS Pump
- Surveyor reagent holding tray
- Reagent tubing and bottle lids
- RS232 serial cable
- Power cable

90-Day Warranty for your Peace-of-Mind

We realize that buying pre-owned can be unnerving, so we include a 90-day warranty
on our equipment to protect you against any equipment failure or defects. If anything
goes wrong, our in-house support is only a phone call away.



Thermo Finnigan

Mfg. Date

February 23, 2004


Surveyor MS Pump

Serial No.


Part No.





100-230V, 50/60Hz, 100VA

Dimensions (W x D x H)

14.25 x 19 x 10.25 in w/ tray