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Thermo Scientific Microm STP420D Automated Tissue Processor 980000 w/ 6 Baskets

Passes Self Check and Backed by a 90-Day Warranty
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Microm STP 420D Tissue Processor in Good Condition - Reagent Bottles and 6 Chamber Baskets Included

With a maximum processing capacity of 420 cassettes and versatile protocol system, this STP 420D from Thermo Scientific Microm can be a great benefit to histology laboratories who not only need to process higher volumes of tissue samples, but also do so with a bit of flexibility.

Our technical staff inspected and tested this tissue processor, confirming it to initialize without error and for the biopsy chamber cleaning cycle to function correctly. However, without the service dongle, its not possible to access the necessary service functions to test this processor completely. Its also overdue for service by 2,166 days based on the process settings in the instrument software.

For this reason, we are open to negotiating the price to accommodate for the added cost of further servicing this processor. However, be aware that Thermo Scientific no longer supports the STP420 for onsite service and parts are limited.

Bring the Confidence of a High Quality Processor into your Lab

When you can benefit from the reduced cost of a pre-owned processor without needing to compromise on the physical appearance, thats a big win for your laboratory. Not only do you save money, but you also get to use an instrument that you can be proud of. This processor only requires a bit of servicing and itll be ready for operation in your facility.

There is some minor wear and aging on this processor in areas such as the rotary chamber and reagent cabinet, but that is to be expected with a pre-owned processor.

Tested by Technical Staff - Passes Self-Check

After successfully initializing and performing a self-check on valves and heaters, this processor was tested by our technical staff. Multiple successful biopsy chamber cleaning cycles were ran, confirming the ability of the processor to pump fluids in and out of the biopsy chamber as needed.

As shown in the process settings, service is overdue on this processor by 2,166 days. To service this instrument, a service dongle is required to clear codes and access the service features. We dont have access to such a dongle and so we are open to negotiation on pricing for the lack of testing and added cost associated in servicing this processor.

The following was tested by our technician:

- Processor initializes without error
- Successful valve and heater self-check
- Multiple biopsy chamber cleaning cycles ran
- Couldnt get good vacuum readings in chamber - reaches 60 mbar before timing out
- Couldnt get fluid to pump into the rotary chamber

Comes with Set of Reagent Bottles & 6 Chamber Baskets

A set of 12 reagent bottles and 6 rotary chamber baskets are included with this tissue processor. Each basket holds up to 60 cassettes if they are arranged in an organized form. Normally the STP420 is delivered with 7 baskets for a maximum capacity of 420 cassettes, but we do not have a seventh basket to offer with this processor.

The following is included with this system:

- Microm STP 420D Tissue Processor
- 12x Reagent Bottles
- 6x Chamber Baskets
- Power Cable

Experienced Tissue Processor Dealer

New Life Scientific is a regular seller of a variety of models of tissue processors from Sakura, Leica, and Shandon. We have experience in servicing them to ensure that they are functioning properly upon arrival. We dont just power on our instruments, but we test all of their core features and repair any issues.

Were offering you an affordable option for pre-owned tissue processors without the risk of buying an untested, unwarranted instrument from an unproven seller. Over the years dozens of organizations have chosen us as their solution, from small labs to major universities like Ohio State.



Thermo Scientific


STP 420D

Cat. No.


Serial No.


Filling volume rotary chamber

3.0 liters

Filling volume biopsy chamber

1.0 liters

Volume rotary chamber for automatic change of reagents

5.0 liters

Filling or infiltration during vacuum

minimum -0.4bar

Draining or infiltration during over pressure

maximum +0.35bar

Maximum pressure

0.43bar = 43kPa < 50kPa

Chamber temperature during infiltration

ambient temp. Up to 65C

Chamber temperature during cleaning and paraffin steps

50C up to 65C

Paraffin containers

paraffin temperature 55C up to 65C
volume per container 4.5 liters

Storage temperature range

0C up to 50C

Operating conditions

+15C to +35C (max RH% 60)

Power requirements

100-120V, 50-60 Hz, 10A

Overall dimensions (W x D x H)

25 x 34 x 61 in w/ monitor
25 x 34 x 48.5 in w/o monitor


190 kg (418.8 lbs)
250 kg (551 lbs) w/ operating media

Temperatures: All temperatures assume an ambient room temperature of +20C.