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VirTis Freezemobile 35EL Freeze Dryer Sentry 2.0 Lyophilizer w/ 16-Port Manifold

Guaranteed to Meet Manufacturer Specs. 90-Day Warranty.
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VirTis 35EL Freeze Dryer in Excellent Condition - Meets Manufacturer Cooling and Vacuum Specifications - Refurbished and Calibrated

Thoroughly refurbished with numerous new parts and a 90-day warranty, this Virtis Freezemobile 35EL freeze dryer is the affordable but reliable solution for equipping your lab for years of lyophilization. Its in excellent physical condition and guaranteed to meet manufacturer specifications.

Refurbished - Brand New Parts, Tested, & Calibrated

Our freeze dryer refurbishment process is more than just returning the instrument to working condition. We install brand new parts, recharge the refrigerant, test for leaks, and calibrate the system so you will get excellent performance on day one.

- New condenser chamber door and door seal
- New vacuum and drain hoses
- New side panels and evaporator cover
- New pipe and condenser insulation
- Recharged refrigerant
- Leak testing performed

After refurbishment, our technician thoroughly inspected, tested, and calibrated this system to ensure that it would be running perfectly when it enters your lab.

Exceptional Internal Condition with New Insulation

Insulation: Over time, the insulation in freeze dryers will break down and fall apart due to moisture build-up and often needs replaced, so our technician has replaced all old insulation with brand new insulation. This includes:

- Pipe insulation
- Condenser insulation

Refurbished insulation means that you get an instrument with a long life ahead without worrying about heat loss issues.

Compressors: The compressors also show very little paint peeling or wear. The lines coming into the compressor get quite cold, so condensation freezing on the lines breaks down that part of the compressor, but evidence of this is minimal in this freeze dryer.

Check the pictures to see the details for yourself.

In Excellent Physical Condition

This freeze dryer is in excellent shape, lacking any sort of major dings or damages from being relocated and suffering impact. There is some minor wear on the exterior and it does have the typical yellowing that we see in freeze dryers from VirTis, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The display screen cover has some imperfections in the material, but this doesnt affect the readability of the screen.

Overall, this freeze dryer was well taken care of and will look great in your lab.

Rebuilt Vacuum Pump with Extended Warranty

This freeze dryer has been outfitted with a rebuilt Adixen 2021i vacuum pump that is successfully pulling the system down to 9 millitorr. This pump carries a 1-year extended warranty, providing you confidence that youll be protected in case of breakdown.

This pump also includes an improvement to VirTiss stock vacuum pump design: an oil mist eliminator and recycler. Filtering the mist and recycling it right back into the vacuum pump makes pump maintenance even simpler! A secondary carbon exhaust filter is also included to reduce exhaust fumes.

Meeting Refrigeration and Vacuum Specifications

To ensure the refrigeration of this freeze dryer is operating at manufacturer specification of -82C, our technician performed a full evacuation of the refrigeration system and refilled the system with new refrigerant.

The recharge process involved the following:

- Vent freeze dryer of refrigerant
- Apply 250-micron vacuum to test for leaks, remove debris, and boil off moisture in lines
- Nitrogen purge three times to clear lines for preventative maintenance
- Refill freeze dryer with new refrigerant
- Confirm freeze dryer is operating to specification

During testing and calibration this freeze dryer was consistently able to reach -82C with no difficulty. As for the vacuum system, the manufacturer specification for the lowest system vacuum is 15mT and this system achieved 9mT with the included pump.

Equipped and Ready for Operation

As long as you have compatible freeze drying vessels, you will be able to immediately start freeze drying with this system. With the included valves, you can use half the capacity of the 16-port tree manifold, but you will need to purchase 8 more valves in order to use the full capacity.

- VirTis Freezemobile 35EL Freeze Dryer
- 16-Port Tree Manifold w/ 8 Shut-off valves
- Adixen 2021i Vacuum Pump
- OEM Tools 1.4G Fluid Evacuator and Tubing
- Attached Power Cable

Fully-Featured for High Throughput

Not only is this system capable of processing large sample batches with its 35L condenser chamber and 16-port tree manifold, but it also comes paired with a fluid evacuator that makes changing the vacuum pump oil remarkably clean and efficient.

- Large capacity 35L condenser chamber
- 16-port tree manifold for large-batch processing
- 1.4 Gallon Fluid Evacuator for clean and efficient oil change
- External vacuum pump provides easy access for maintenance
- Front-facing drainage valve for condenser chamber, simplifying drainage
- Smooth-walled condenser chamber for speedy defrost cycle







Sentry 2.0

Lowest Condenser Temperature (50 Hz / 60 Hz, °C)

-82 / -85

Maximum Condenser Capacity

35 L

Condenser Surface Area

750 in2 / 4838 cm2

Max. Ice Condensing Capacity in 24 hours*

20 L

Max. Deposition Rate*

0.83 L/hour

Condenser Pull-Down from 20°C to -45°C

≤ 25 minutes

Number of Compressors


Compressor Horsepower

1.5, 1.0

Vacuum Time to 100 Millitorr

≤ 20 minutes

Lowest System Vacuum

≤ 15 mT

Average Defrost Time

≤ 60 minutes

Defrost Type

Hot Gas




316L Stainless Steel Condenser Chamber


208/240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 Ph, 30 A

Dimensions (W x D x H)

25 x 34 x 37 in
44 x 34 x 53.5 in w/ tree manifold

*The specified Maximum Ice Condensing Capacity in 24 Hours and Maximum Deposition Rate are based on
the process of freeze-drying water as aggressively as possible. The freeze dryer's ability to collect ice at an
hourly rate or over a specified period will always be application dependent.