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Used: Waters Alliance 2695 HPLC Separations Module w/ Column Heater

In which I give 4 reasons you should buy this 2695.

Quick Overview

Used - A pre-owned and tested instrument that may show signs of wear

Flat-Rate Freight with a Custom Crate ($380) - The instrument is protected by a custom-built, foam-padded crate.

Backed by a 90-day Warranty - Your instrument works, or we repair, refund, or replace.
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Waters Alliance 2695 HPLC Separations Module - Working System and in Excellent Condition, Inside & Out

Look, we know you want a new separation module for your HPLC system. You clicked on this listing, after all.

Now it's my job, as the guy writing this listing, to let you know that (1) this is the module you've been looking for and (2) if you pass this up, you'll kick yourself.


1. It has undergone extensive testing & service

Buying pre-owned can be risky...but it doesn't have to be. It's our mission to minimize that risk. That's why we test all of our equipment and do our best to restore them to their original mechanical glory.

This Waters 2695 separation module was no exception to that rule. The first issue was a needle error that prevented the machine from initializing. Our technician (his name is Steve, great guy) remedied it by loosening the needle guide and reattaching a needle actuator screw.

Steve then tightened the connector, dusted the unit, and reassembled the panels before testing once again.

2. It Works. (Quite well, at that.)

After the aforementioned servicing, the system initialized without a hiccup. Our tech went to the diagnostics menu and ran wet and dry prime procedures. Everything worked as expected.

Please note that the display screen has dark lines running through it. However, these lines do not affect the instruments functionality and should be a non-issue since these machines are typically controlled via PC software.

(If any problems do crop up after you buy it, however, just remember that you're protected by our 90-day warranty.)

3. It's in fantastic condition

In your search for a new Waters 2695, you may have come across some less than pleasing options. Its common for these modules to have minor cosmetic issues, like internal staining from past spills.

Our Waters 2695, however, looks great inside and out. The chassis is spotless and the chamber is free from staining. You want to be proud of your equipment, and this separation module fits the bill.

4. It comes with everything needed for immediate use

This Waters 2695 comes with the column heater module, reagent tubes, three internal tube holders, and all the tubing and cabling needed to integrate it into an HPLC setup.





Alliance 2695

Catalog No.

Separation module: WAT270008
Column heater: 186001863

Serial No.

Separation module: M02SM4 838M
Column heater: M02SMH302M

Power Requirements

100-240V, 9.5A, 50/60Hz

Dimensions (W x D x H)

23.25 (w/ column heater) x 21.25 x 23 in