PerkinElmer Launches PKeye Workflow Monitor, a Remote Lab Monitoring Solution

Last Monday, November 22, PerkinElmer, Inc. announced the release of PKeye Workflow Monitor, a remote lab management software that "offers scientists and researchers 24/7 access and visibility into their laboratory operations." This cloud-based software allows users to monitor the status of their PerkinElmer equipment and ongoing operations in real time. Additionally, PKeye can alert users of errors and if an instrument's consumables are running low. These notifications can be sent via email or SMS.

Currently, PKeye Workflow Monitor supports the JANUS G3, Sciclone G3, and Zephyr G3 liquid handlers, along with the LabChip GX Touch nucleic acid analyzer and the chemagic 360 DNA/RNA purification system.

According to Chet Murray, Public Relations Manager at PerkinElmer, the company plans to expand the portfolio of products supported by PKeye. "The target for future support will be existing and new instruments, but based on customer demand we will consider previous generation products," Murray says.