New Life Scientific, Inc. shall provide a 90-day* warranty to the Buyer for this product. This Warranty Agreement will end 90* Calendar Days, after the date of delivery of the products within the order.

Section 1 - Definitions

New Life Scientific, Inc. defines the “Seller” as: the company, New Life Scientific, Inc. and its associated employees. New Life Scientific, Inc. defines the “product(s)” as: 1) the products described on the website from which the product was advertised; 2) the parts and mechanisms affixed and included with/to the product(s). New Life Scientific, Inc. defines the “Buyer” as: the person(s) or entity which inquired, and paid for the product. Any product warranty questions and concerns must come from the “Buyer” itself or an associated employee.

Section 2 - Commencement of Warranty

The warranty time period shall begin when the Buyer has received their product. The proof of receipt shall be verified by the tracking and delivery documentation from the assigned delivery carrier.

Section 3 - Receipt of Product

Buyer shall unwrap and inspect their product(s) within four (4) day of receipt. This includes external inspection of the product(s) and testing the functionality of the product.

Section 4 - Damage in Shipment

If the product(s) which the Seller ships have been damaged during the shipment process, Buyer shall include a description of the external damage to the packaging on the Bill of Lading as damaged. Buyer also has the right to reject the delivery. If the Buyer fails to note external damage to the shipment on the BOL when damage has been received, this warranty is null and void.

At the time of inspection both internally and externally if damage is found Buyer has four (4) days from the delivery time to report damage as a result of shipment to Seller. Buyer is required to test the functionality of the product. If damage has indeed resulted in the inability to use the product(s), Buyer shall e-mail photographs of the damage to the Seller to begin the warranty claim process.

Failure to report damage to the product(s) within four (4) days of delivery will impede Seller’s ability to assist with the repair or compensation for the damage. Seller reserved the right to reject the warranty claim if Buyer does not report the damage to Seller within four (4) days.

Section 5 - Shipment Arranged by Buyer

If Buyer should choose to ship the product(s) via their own shipping carrier, this warranty is null and void.

Section 6 - Seller’s Obligation for a Defect

Seller’s obligation under this warranty is to repair, replace or refund the product(s) that are defective free of cost to the Buyer. This obligation only extends through the 90-day* warranty period. Any claims after the 90-day* period will be at the discretion of Seller. Seller shall determine if the product(s) show evidence of a defect. Defects that are stated in the listing or description of the product(s) are not eligible for repair, replacement or refund.

Seller shall determine whether the product(s) shall be repaired, replaced, or refunded. If the cost of repair of the product(s) are greater than the value of the item, the Seller shall necessarily choose to replace or refund for the product(s).

Section 7 - Process of Filing a Warranty Claim:

There are several steps in the process of filing a warranty claim. This Warranty Policy is not a Service Contract, nor is representative that we will offer unlimited tech support on your purchase. Communication between Seller and Buyer is an essential part of this process and must occur at every stage of the warranty claim. There is an expectation that the Buyer will be able to perform basic troubleshooting steps and change out parts based on the direction of the Seller and it’s team.

The steps to file a warranty claim are:

    1. Buyer must communicate with Seller within Ninety* (90*) days of receiving the product(s). Buyer can communicate with Seller through e-mail at or by calling (567)-221-0615.
    2. In Buyer’s initial contact, Buyer shall list all possible defects of the product(s) including a description, photograph or any other information needed to explain the defect. Any defect as a result of shipment damage is covered in Section 4.
    3. Seller’s technical support will evaluate the details provided in Buyer’s correspondence to validate the defect of the product(s).
    4. If a true defect is discovered, there will be an e-mail or telephone correspondence to Buyer indicated the process to resolve the warranty claim for the product(s).
    5. If the defect cannot be resolved by Seller, the Buyer and Seller will discuss further options to resolve the defect.

Section 8 - Buyer’s Repair of Product(s) by Third Party

If Buyer has the product(s) repaired by a third party, without Seller’s approval the warranty shall be null and void. However, if arrangements for third party repairs are approved by Seller the warranty claim is valid.

Section 9 - Misuse of Product(s) Resulting in Damage

Under no circumstances will this warranty cover any damage to product(s) which, in the opinion of the Seller, has been subject to misuse, unauthorized modifications or accidents.

Section 10 - Relocation

If buyer chooses to relocate the product(s) to any location other than the address of delivery, this warranty shall be null and void. This section excludes relocation between buildings of a multi-building campus.

Section 11 - Return Provision

This Warranty is an added protection to our 30-Day Return Policy. Our Return Policy States that if, in the first 30 days, following item delivery, the Buyer would like to return the unit, for any reason, other than a defect, the customer may do so. The customer would be responsible for any associated shipping expenses. If a return is requested beyond the 30 day period, but within 60 days of the purchase price, it will be granted, but subject to an additional 50% re-stocking fee; based upon the purchased item’s sale price. Original Shipping will not be refunded for a returned item. Requested returns beyond 60 days will not be accepted.

*Not all of our products come with a warranty. Please check the product page to see if the product has a warranty. Most of our products come with either a 90-day or 30-day warranty.

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