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Applied Biosystems Proflex Base Thermal Cycler x1 96 Well BlockApplied Biosystems Proflex Base Thermal Cycler x1 96 Well BlockSave 10%
Thermal Cycler, single 96 well

Applied Biosystems Proflex Base Thermal Cycler x1 96 Well Block

Sale price$3,415.50 Regular price$3,795.00
Applied Biosystems SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler & 120-day WarrantyApplied Biosystems SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler & 120-day WarrantySave 10%
Thermal Cycler, single 96 Well

Applied Biosystems SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler & 120-day Warranty

Sale price$2,601.00 Regular price$2,890.00
Applied Biosystems Veriti 96-Well Thermal Cycler
Thermal Cycler, single 96 Well

Applied Biosystems Veriti 96-Well Thermal Cycler

Sale price$1,799.99
Bio-Rad S1000 Thermal Cycler PCR without Reaction ModuleBio-Rad S1000 Thermal Cycler PCR without Reaction ModuleSave 10%
Thermal Cycler, single 96 Well

Bio-Rad S1000 Thermal Cycler PCR without Reaction Module

Sale price$1,664.10 Regular price$1,849.00
Applied Biosystem Veriti 60 Well Thermal CyclerApplied Biosystem Veriti 60 Well Thermal CyclerSave 10%
Thermal Cycler, single 60 Well

Applied Biosystem Veriti 60 Well Thermal Cycler

Sale price$1,652.40 Regular price$1,836.00

Used Thermal Cycler

A thermal cycler is a laboratory instrument that amplifies DNA through a polymerase chain reaction (PCR). It is also sometimes called a PCR machine or DNA amplifier. Thermal cyclers are used in laboratories mainly for time-sensitive reactions and rapid diagnostics.

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These are the features to look for in a thermal cycler:

  • Temperature control: Providing accurate and consistent temperature is crucial for a thermal cycler.

  • Capacity and flexibility: Consider the number of reactions you perform and the size and type of sample container you use. Look for thermal cyclers that are modular, offer flexibility and can accommodate a variety of tube sizes and numbers.

  • Remote monitoring capability: Thermal cyclers that allow remote monitoring are ideal for a more streamlined work process. Check out connectivity features for easier data access even outside the lab.

  • Reliability and support: Whether getting used or brand-new instruments, device reliability and support are important considerations. New Life Scientific offers a range of used thermal cyclers vetted by expert technicians.

Understanding PCR and Thermal Cyclers

As the name suggests, thermal cyclers are effective devices for various PCR reactions. They are suitable for DNA sequencing, gene expression, DNA and RNA quantification, and many more applications.

PCR machines, meanwhile, are apparatuses ideally used exclusively for PCR experiments. They have built-in thermal cyclers for the amplification of DNA and RNA samples.

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Popular Thermal Cycler Manufacturers and Models

Thermal cyclers are vital to the success of PCR experiments, so it's important to select a device from trusted manufacturers. Check out the features of these popular thermal cycler models:

  • Applied Biosystems: The Proflex Base Thermal Cycler features interchangeable blocks for simultaneous experiments and high throughput. The ProFlex system also comes with simulation modes to mimic systems from older instruments.

  • Bio-Rad: Their iCycler Thermal Cycler has a user-friendly interface and built-in PCR controls. It can accommodate 2ml and 5ml tubes, plates, and strips and is suitable for gene expression, amplification and clinical diagnostics.

RT-PCR vs. qPCR Blocks in Thermal Cyclers

Thermal cyclers contain thermal blocks made of metals, which generate heat as specified by the cycler. These blocks have holes for tubes containing the samples. While thermal cyclers can be used for RT-PCR and qPCR reactions, having separate thermal blocks is essential.

RT-PCR and qPCR experiments have varying requirements, such as temperature, cycling conditions, denaturation and annealing. To ensure the precision and accuracy of reactions, the tubes containing the RT-PCR and qPCR samples must be in different thermal blocks. A thermal cycler with interchangeable heating blocks is handy for this task.

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New Life Scientific offers a wide range of used thermal cyclers and other laboratory equipment from leading manufacturers. Our extensive catalog of devices gives members of the life science community a cost-effective solution for their research needs.

Our expert technicians test and assess the quality of every instrument to ensure functionality and performance. We also provide unparalleled customer support for all client inquiries and concerns. Contact our team today for used thermal cycler recommendations.

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