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A biological safety cabinet (BSC) is an enclosed workspace for laboratories typically used when dealing with pathogens requiring biosafety-level precautions. There is a biological safety cabinet corresponding to any lab's unique needs.

How to Choose the Right Biosafety Cabinet

The United States divides BSCs into three classifications — Class I, Class II and Class III. Each type differs according to the level of biocontainment it provides, so knowing these biosafety types and classifications helps determine which BSC suits your workspace.

Understanding Biosafety Cabinet Types and Classifications

  • Class I: This type only provides personnel and environmental protection. Class I BSCs are seldom used in laboratories and are no longer manufactured regularly.

  • Class II: Class II BSCs are the most common in the U.S. and are further classified into A1, A2, B1 and B2 subcategories. They provide personal, environmental and product protection. A2 cabinets are not recommended for chemical fumes and work that reintroduces exhaust airflow into the lab. For this reason, Type B2 BSCs are the better option because they release filtered exhaust airflow outdoors.

  • Class III: Class III BSCs provide personnel, environmental and product protection. These cabinets are completely enclosed and designed with leak-tight construction.

Choosing the Right Biological Safety Cabinet

  • Use: When choosing a biological safety cabinet, you must first know its intended use. Identify the biosafety levels of the agents you are working with. Then, select the right cabinet classification.

  • Size: If your work area has limited space, knowing the correct size and length is also important. Biosafety cabinets range from 3 feet to 6 feet wide, so take these dimensions into consideration.

  • Ergonomics: Long work hours are common in laboratories, so design is another factor. Biosafety cabinets with adjustable stands and armrests are excellent choices.

  • Condition: Whether used or brand new, biological safety cabinets should always be in optimal working condition. Get one vetted by expert technicians like the cabinets at New Life Scientific.

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Biological safety cabinets can be expensive, but they are essential in laboratory work. If you're in the market for a cabinet, we recommend opting for a used model to make the most of your investment. Used biosafety cabinets usually have minor cosmetic issues, but they remain fully functional. Browse our selection of pre-owned biosafety cabinets and enclosures from leading manufacturers. 

Applications and Advantages

Biosafety cabinets provide at least three layers of protection, differing them from fume hoods and their applications. While fume hoods protect the user, a biological safety cabinet protects:

  • Personnel: Lab work often exposes operators and researchers to biohazards that could endanger their health even at low exposure. Biological safety cabinets are equipped with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and air curtains that protect anyone using the equipment from hazardous aerosols inside the chambers.
  • The sample: The samples are of equal importance, especially ones that aren't easily reproducible and take a long time to analyze. To protect the valuable work of researchers and lab workers, the samples must also be protected. The HEPA filters in biosafety cabinets also work to recirculate filtered air within the workspace and protect samples from potentially contaminated air.
  • The environment: The same biohazardous aerosols are dangerous when released outside research facilities, especially since they expose more people to the toxic chemicals. Biosafety cabinets ensure air circulated outside the lab environment is HEPA-filtered.

Popular Manufacturers and Standout Features

  • Thermo Scientific: Thermo Scientific is a world leader in high-end analytical instruments. Their 1300 Series Class II cabinets are ideal for daily work with UV lights, a manually adjustable height stand and a set of armrests. Beyond the ergonomic design, the 1300 Series cabinets are known for superior protection capabilities. These cabinets feature Thermo Scientific's proprietary airflow design and are energy efficient, which helps you save more on operational costs in the long run.

  • Labconco: Labconco's Purifier Logic+ series boasts superior quality. These cabinets also fall under the Class II Type A2 category. The Purifier Logic+ cabinets can recirculate HEPA-filtered air or release it through an exhaust system. Purifier Logic+ users can connect the equipment to the brand's Canopy Connection, which allows the cabinets to be used on small quantities of volatile toxic chemicals.

  • ESCO: The ESCO Airstream is another popular biosafety cabinet featuring a control system to display basic parameters. It has a fail-safe system in case of exhaust failure, ensuring the operator’s protection.

  • Baker: Baker's SterilGARD® III Advance Safety Cabinets are also great containment options for any workspace. The brand's SG403 and SG603 cabinets both belong to the Class II Type A category. These models feature Baker's momentum air curtain, vertical laminar flow and UniPressure Preflow plenums. SterilGARD cabinets are built to deliver strength, air-tightness and corrosion resistance.

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New Life Scientific offers a variety of used biosafety cabinets in all classifications. Save anywhere from 35% to 95% off the price of brand-new equipment and get started on your lab work right away by shopping our available options.

All our equipment undergo testing and quality assessment to ensure full functionality. We also provide aftersales warranty and customer support. Contact the New Life Scientific team to receive personalized advice on the best biological safety cabinets for your laboratory.

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