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What exactly do you do?

New Life Scientific aims to sell you laboratory equipment that you can have confidence in but is also priced more competitively than some of our dealer competitors. Our instruments are usually priced higher than untested or barely tested products on the used market, but we usually compete with the lower price bracket for actual dealers. Our aim is to strike a good balance between confidence and cost.


What industries do you serve?

The equipment we offer is primarily focused towards biotech research and development, but our instruments are useful in a vast array of scientific research fields.


How long have you been in business?

New Life Scientific was established in 2014.


How big is your company? What is it like?

We now have a staff of over 15 employees, including multiple technicians for inspection, testing, and repairs. Our facility is approximately 25,000 square feet spanning an office, technical shop, and separate warehouse.


Where are you at?

We're located in Cridersville, Ohio, which has a population of less than 2000. Cridersville offers the idyllic small-town lifestyle. Children can be seen playing on the sidewalks and couples walking down the street. No big skyscrapers or rush-hour traffic for us!


What are you like?

Relaxed and open. You'll frequently find baked goods and other foods shared in the break room. There's less than 20 of us here, so we all know each other fairly well. It's easy to talk with anyone in the company. In fact, if you call at the right time our COO will pick up the phone and process your payment.


What makes you different?

In our listings, we work to give you a clear explanation of what testing and important repairs we have done on systems so that you have a clear understanding of the work that we have performed.
We don't like to use generalities or one-word summaries of our product's condition. Doing so just doesn't give customers a clear grasp of our equipment.
We aim to be honest and act with integrity with our customers. We don't exaggerate our abilities, and we honor our warranty to the letter.


Who buys from you?

  • Universities all around the U.S., such as Harvard, UCLA, and OSU
  • Big biotech companies (Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Syngenta)
  • Small research and service laboratories
  • Start-up companies
  • Clinicians
  • People that do weird stuff in their garages



I strongly recommend to purchase used equipment from New Life Scientific, Inc. We bought a used high-content Perkin Elmer OPERA confocal microscope at a fraction of its original cost. It is such a delicate machine and needs a very careful adjustment after shipping. We (UGA) are about 10 hours' drive from Ohio, and Rich drove to Athens twice to finalize the adjustment. I am really impressed by his commitment and dedication. It is a really worry-free buy, and I highly recommend using New Life Scientific, Inc.

Xiaozhong (John) Yu, MD, Ph.D.

University of Georgia


New Life Scientific has been great helping me acquire the equipment that I need. They have been a wonderful company to work with in terms of flexibility during the period that it has taken me to receive software (from another company) to test the new equipment I have purchased from New Life Scientific (for warranty purposes). I have recommended their company to several of my science friends.

Amanda K., University Professor


We buy a number of equipment from New Life Sci. and prices and services provided by New Life Sci. are excellent and the staff members are friendly and helpful.

Jinqiang Chen, Business Owner