Used lab equipment will help your research thrive

Let our team show you how beneficial used lab equipment can be.


Used lab equipment will help your research thrive

Let our team show you how beneficial used lab equipment can be.


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Reasons To Buy From Us

Technical Quality Control

Our instruments are tested, serviced, and supported by our own technicians. Have concerns about a potential purchase? Our techs are ready to help so you know you’re making the right choice.

Real Customer Service

An instrument is only as good as the people behind it. Our customer service team is responsive and available via email or phone. Find our direct extensions on our About Us page

90-day Warranty

Our used and refurbished instruments are backed with a 90-day warranty, protecting you against breakdowns and financial loss. Contact us to learn more about our warranty or ask about extended warranties.

Descriptive Listings

We openly explain the cosmetic condition, functionality, and technical work performed on our instruments. No guesswork for you or unclear wording from us.

About New Life Scientific, Inc.

You can't separate the people from the business; after all, a business consists of people doing work. Visit our "About Us" page to meet the team behind your buying experience and learn a bit more about the business we’ve created.


YouTube Channel

Get to know us and our products better with equipment intros, demos, and tech shop walkthroughs over on our YouTube channel.


Company Tour

Curious to see our facility but live too far away?

Visit without leaving your chair by checking out our virtual tour. You can explore our tech shop, office space, or step outside to see our newly remodeled exterior.

(And if you find the hand powered centrifuge, we'll even send you a coupon code. Just for fun.)


What Our Customers Say

“...We absolutely intend to work with New Life Scientific, Inc again in the future, and we would highly recommend their services to anyone interested in working with them ...”

David Prabhu

Senior PhD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University

“...Finally on a professional level and personal tone, it is comforting to interact with such kind people.We endorse New Life Scientific Inc,without reservation ...”

Dianna Lester-Zeiner

Senior Scientist, Chimera BioEngineering

“I strongly recommend to purchased used equipment from New Life Scientific, Inc. We bought a used high-content Perkin Elmer OPERA confocal microscope at a fraction of it's original cost.”

Xiaozhong (John) Yu

MD, Ph.D. University of Georgia

Selling Your Equipment

Do you have surplus lab equipment, or are you looking to liquidate a project? We can help. In addition to selling lab equipment, we also purchase it. Contact us with information and pictures of the equipment you wish to sell, and we will respond ASAP.