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Used Tissue Processors for Sale

Before your tissue samples get to the microtome or cryostat, they need to be processed and infused with the right solutions. Without this step, tissue can be impossible to section and even get destroyed when someone tries to work with it. In instances where you only have one sample to work with, tissue processing can be the difference between getting a diagnosis and finding nothing at all.

For many labs, getting a shiny new tissue processor machine is not an expense they can afford. Fortunately, you can get similar performance and significant cost savings with a used tissue processor, especially when it's been inspected, serviced and sold by a trustworthy provider like New Life Scientific. Used lab equipment is our specialty, and we can help you find the right tissue processors for your work.

Types of Used Tissue Processors for Sale

We have two primary types of used tissue processors for sale, both of which run on different mechanisms and have various benefits for certain kinds of operations. These types are tissue- and fluid-transfer models:

  • Tissue transfer: Great for smaller labs, these tissue transfer processors — also called dip-and-dunk machines — involve moving the samples between containers for processing. The tissue is held in a basket and sent through a line or rotary carousel. These models can hold up to around 100 specimens, and processing is typically quick.
  • Fluid transfer: In a fluid-transfer model, the specimen is held in one container as fluids are pumped in and out as needed. These designs are better for large labs with a lot of samples to process, as these machines can carry as many as 300 samples. They often support robust fluid circulation, raised temperatures, and vacuum-pressure cycles.

The type of tissue processor that works best for your operation will depend on your lab's processing needs. If you're working with high volumes and more advanced features, a fluid transfer model is likely the best choice. The larger the fluid handler, the higher the throughput, as the deck can hold more plates. But for lighter demands, a tissue transfer machine can be a good choice.

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The Big Names

  • Leica Biosystems: As one of the biggest names in histology instrumentation, Leica has helped advance the field as a whole by adopting innovative user interface tech and consistently providing well-built instruments. For instance, Leica was the first manufacturer to include touchscreen interfaces on their tissue processors. This made the learning curve much less steep for new users, and it's simply easier to use than other interfaces. Leica systems may pose a challenge to those who intend on servicing and repairing their tissue processor in-house. The company prefers to send technicians out for pretty steep fees rather than assist the user in fixing it.
  • Thermo Scientific: While Thermo sold their histology division in 2019, their equipment is still quite popular on the used market. Their tissue processors, while reliable and built well, are somewhat overwrought in terms of both internal design and user experience. Consequently, troubleshooting and fixing them can be quite difficult. However, it is precisely this overthinking that fosters innovation. Thermo has released some very unique tissue processors, like the PATHCENTRE. Thermo offers very good support. Manuals are readily available and their support staff has been quite helpful to us in the past.
  • Sakura: Dubbed the "best-built, best-engineered" systems by our senior technician, Sakura systemsjust work.In the rare instances where they do break down, troubleshooting them is made easier by their thoughtful design. However, Sakura systems do fall behind in terms of user experience. Their control systems aren't as intuitive as Leica's or Thermo's.

Why Buy Used Laboratory Tissue Processors?

Used tissue processors can be a big help for organizations that can't otherwise acquire a new one or are just looking to save money. When you buy a used lab tissue processor, you're taking advantage of various useful benefits:

  • Reduced costs: Of course, used tissue processors are much cheaper than new ones. You can expect to save between 35% and 95% off of new prices!
  • Minimal differences between used and new: There's almost no sacrifice in performance with a used tissue processor. Lab equipment is built to last, and tissue processors can function for years with performance comparable to that of their new counterparts.
  • Environmentally friendly buying practices: Buying used tissue processors allows us to keep these functioning instruments out of landfills and in circulation. You're doing your part for the planet and saving a pretty penny along the way.

Used tissue processors are a great way to get the best of both worlds, combining the need for high-performing equipment with cost savings and trustworthy performance for the vital work of tissue processing.

Buy From a Trusted Seller Like New Life Scientific

Buying used can offer many benefits, but it's not always simple. There's sometimes uncertainty involved when purchasing used products, but at New Life Scientific, we do everything we can to reduce that uncertainty and provide tissue processors you can be confident in. We minimize the fear of the unknown that can come with buying used by giving full transparency on each product we offer. We can provide a complete rundown of any refurbishing and anything else we know about the instrument, including tests we've conducted.

At New Life Scientific, we have experienced technicians working on our used tissue processors, and they can handle various repairs to bring a piece of equipment up to snuff. You'll often find equipment in our inventory with like-new functionality at a fraction of the cost of new instruments. You can save big on used tissue processors without sacrificing quality. Our team will also ensure we abide by our warranties by doing whatever we need to keep your tissue processor working as intended.

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What to Look for in a Used Laboratory Tissue Processor

When buying a used lab tissue processor for histology, keep an eye out for a few different factors unique to the instrument:

  • Warranty: Perhaps as vital as testing info is warranty info. Used equipment dealers don't always back up their sales. They might advertise a tissue processor in perfect condition, but failures could be right on the horizon — then, you're out of luck.  Seek out products that offer at least a 30-day warranty — no sense in getting stuck with a broken system! With New Life Scientific, you get exceptional warranties on most of our products. Along with our standard 90-day warranty, some products have an extended warranty lasting for a full year. Additionally, you can still receive technical support even after your warranty expires.
  • Features: Before buying a used — or new — tissue processor, you'll need to carefully consider the needs of your application and whether a specific tissue processor can meet those requirements. Consider your typical sample size, number of cassettes, processing speeds and other features you may need, like higher temperatures or vacuum systems.
  • Testing Information: If a buyer can't offer any information on how they tested it, don't even consider purchasing it unless the price is right. Someone is getting rid of it for a reason, after all, and you don't want to purchase a system that has a completely unknown issue.
  • Baskets: Unless you already have plenty of spare baskets, you'll want to make sure that your tissue processor has enough baskets included to hold your samples. This also applies to reagent and waste jugs. Buying a full set of new jugs can cost thousands of dollars!

A significant concern that shows up when buying a used machine is the condition of the specific tissue processor you're looking at. Be sure to inspect factors such as:

  • Age: Tissue processors can last for a long time and provide exceptional performance long into their life span. However, it's still essential to consider your machine's age. For particularly old tissue processors, older than about 15 years, use some extra scrutiny.
  • Errors: Always give the tissue processor a thorough review and look for any technical errors. These issues could be a significant red flag.
  • Condition: You'll also want to inspect the tissue processor and look for any functional or cosmetic damage. A few dings and scrapes won't be a big deal and can even bring down the cost, but significant damage that makes the device not work as intended is definitely something to avoid.

Whatever kind of tissue processor you're looking for, working with a trusted seller with your best interests at heart can make the process much easier and more reliable.

From a Professional Dealer to Your Facility

New Life Scientific is your source for reliable used laboratory tissue processors and other histology equipment. We're a knowledgeable scientific vendor with a long track record of positive customer experiences — explore our reviews to see for yourself! Buy with confidence with in-depth technical evaluations and a strong warranty, knowing our in-house technicians inspect, test, service and repair the many instruments we receive.

After an examination and thorough cleaning, products typically leave our shop meeting manufacturer specifications. When you buy from New Life Scientific, you can always contact us for after-sales support with any questions or issues that may arise, even after the warranty expires.

If you have any questions on our used tissue processors or need assistance with arranging freight or a purchase order, please reach out to one of our representatives today!

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