Tutorial: Replacing the Gas Springs in Your Beckman Coulter J-Series Floor Centrifuge

Centrifuge lid gas springs will inevitably wear out from regular use. You'll know the gas springs need replaced because they will no longer be able to support the weight of the centrifuge lid.

This poses a major safety hazard because the lid could slam down on a user's hand as they load the centrifuge, potentially injuring them. You should continually ensure that your centrifuge's gas springs are strong and regularly replace them to avoid this hazard.

Replacing the gas springs is one of the cheapest and easiest maintenance routines, especially for Beckman J-series centrifuges. All you'll need is a new gas spring, which you can find over at Ozark Biomedical, and an assistant to hold the lid up as you replace the spring.

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Step 1: Fully open the lid and have someone hold the lid up

To prevent any injuries or damage to the centrifuge, have someone hold the centrifuge lid upright.

Step 2: Locate the small metal pin wrapped around the tube (top) endfitting of the gas spring, where it attaches to the lid

Step 3: Flip the pin outward and slide it out of the endfitting

Make sure not to lose the pin as you'll need it to install the new gas spring.

Step 4: Pop the endfitting off of its mount

Step 5: Repeat steps 2 through 4 on the rod (bottom) endfitting of the gas spring, where it attaches to the centrifuge

Step 6: Snap the rod endfitting of the new gas spring on the centrifuge mount and re-insert the pin

Step 7: Snap the tube endfitting on the lid mount and re-insert the pin

Step 8: Congratulate yourself for your mechanical prowess

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