Used Lab Equipment for Hospitals

Serving your patients when you're on a tight budget can be especially difficult in today's medical environment. Whether you're working toward improving efficiency, the patient experience or some other aspect of health care, limited resources can prevent you from getting the right tools. Used lab equipment can bring your goals within reach.

Used hospital lab equipment maintains high quality with lower costs and no long lead times, so you can focus on delivering the best possible care.

Types of Used Lab Equipment for Hospitals

Hospital labs often have many instruments at their disposal. Some are used regularly for high-volume tasks, while others are more specialized. With used instruments, you can conduct routine testing with a lower capital investment or try new processes with less financial risk.

Some common instruments you'll find in a hospital lab include:

  • Centrifuges and rotors: A centrifuge is crucial for many types of sample analysis, helping to separate the components in blood and other liquids. These instruments come in many different styles to fit hospital labs, like benchtop models and larger floor models. With various centrifuge rotors, you can accommodate more sample types.
  • Cryostats: Many samples must stay within a specific temperature range to avoid damage. A cryostat can maintain low cryogenic temperatures and slice tissue samples. This instrument can help hospitals achieve fast, on-site diagnoses of many medical conditions.
  • Incubators and incubating shakers: Incubators and incubating shakers provide temperature-controlled environments, often used for developing cultures. Incubating shakers add gentle agitation.
  • Tissue processors: Analyzing tissue samples requires several steps, like fixing, staining, dehydrating and decalcifying. A tissue processor can automate these tasks, allowing hospitals to reduce manual requirements and avoid errors.
  • Ultra-low temperature freezers: In a hospital lab, these extra-cold freezers might contain everything from tissue samples and viruses to drugs, enzymes and chemicals. Ultra-low temperature freezers often have extra features like battery backups and monitoring logs to help maintain high security in the hospital environment.

These instruments are just a few examples of the used equipment that hospital labs use every day.

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Hospital Equipment Manufacturers

Manufacturers often specialize in certain types of equipment, so a hospital lab could have instruments from many different manufacturers. For example, Beckman Coulter offers centrifuges and rotors, but if you need a tissue processor, you might turn to Sakura or Leica. Other big names in hospital lab equipment include Thermo Scientific, Eppendorf and Labconco.

While all major manufacturers can offer excellent equipment, your situation might benefit from one over another. For example, Eppendorf centrifuges can be difficult to service. If you don't have a backup and can't afford downtime, a better option might be a product from Beckman Coulter, known for its ruggedness and easy maintenance. Our team understands the used lab equipment landscape and can help steer you toward the best solution for your needs.

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Why Buy Used Hospital Equipment?

Why Buy Used Hospital Equipment?

While new equipment is unused, it comes at a cost. Used equipment can help hospitals get more out of their investments and explore new ways to help patients. Buying used can help hospitals through:

  • Reduced costs: Used equipment is much more affordable than new equipment. Hospitals can improve or expand their in-house lab operations without straining limited budgets. Our listings typically offer 30%-70% off retail prices, so you can buy instruments that might have otherwise been out of reach. Plus, used equipment often allows you to buy used accessories and components to reduce costs further.
  • High-quality equipment: Reputable sellers offer many instruments that function just as well as new ones fresh off the production line. Lab equipment can last years, if not decades, so it's a good fit for the used market. Hospitals can expect used lab instruments to perform exceptionally well, especially if they're refurbished.
  • Fast delivery: New equipment often comes with long lead times of weeks or months. If an instrument is integral to hospital operations, you probably can't wait that long. Used equipment is available immediately, so you can add it to the lab without any unplanned downtime.
  • Cost-effective technology updates: Health care is always changing, and hospitals must keep pace. Used equipment can help you cost-effectively adopt more modern technology. You can offer better care to patients and differentiate your facility from the competition.

What to Consider When Buying Used Hospital Equipment

In addition to the typical purchasing decisions like brand and size, buying used requires a few extra considerations. You can get some peace of mind by performing your due diligence and looking at factors like:

  • The seller's reputation: Always work with a dependable seller. They should have a solid track record of satisfied customers and transparent listings. If something goes wrong with the equipment, a reliable partner can help. For example, at New Life Scientific, we aim to reduce the risk associated with buying used by providing detailed product information, exceptional customer support and thorough quality assurance.
  • Equipment age and condition: Lab equipment can last a long time, but understanding its age can offer a general idea of its remaining service life. An instrument's condition matters, too. Some labs might only want flawless equipment, but to another buyer, a few cosmetic scratches can translate to significant savings. Our knowledgeable team is always happy to help you work through the differences and find the right instrument for your hospital's needs.
  • Warranty coverage: Used products are often sold as-is, so if they stop working, you're out of luck — and the cost of the item. Try to buy equipment that comes with a warranty. All our equipment comes with a 120-day warranty, with some products eligible for extended protection.

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Used hospital lab equipment can be a worthwhile investment, but only if you buy equipment appropriate for your needs from a reliable seller.

Explore New Life Scientific's Used Hospital Equipment Today

Explore New Life Scientific's Used Hospital Equipment Today

The lab is a crucial hospital component, and used equipment can expand its capabilities. Whether you need to accommodate more tests, bring specialized processes in-house or use your equipment to meet other goals, buying used can put them within reach.

At New Life Scientific, we have a large selection of reliable used equipment, all backed by a knowledgeable support team and our 120-day warranty. Whether you know exactly what you need or are still thinking things over, we're here to help you get the right equipment for your lab.

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