Used Lab Equipment for Startup Labs 

Your startup lab has many factors to consider before beginning research, like hiring the right technicians and finding the perfect space. With used lab equipment, you can eliminate another item off your to-do list and take a step toward getting your lab fully up and running.

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Why Buy Used Startup Equipment

Why Buy Used Startup Equipment

As a startup lab, you might lack the necessary lab equipment to conduct operations and research. Used lab equipment is a great way to get started, offering many benefits to your unique research setting.

1. Affordable Products

New lab equipment often has higher prices because of increased demand and design and labor costs, making it challenging for startup labs with more limited budgets. Instead, startups can invest in used lab equipment, which is often still in good condition for outstanding performance and results.

2. More Lab Equipment Diversity 

With such a price discrepancy between new and used lab equipment, choosing to overlook new products and prioritize used ones can open up more room in your budget for more equipment.

When you buy new equipment on a limited budget, you might only have enough funds to cover a couple of instruments, while the less expensive used options can allow you to expand your instrument selection. With more instruments, you can diversify your lab equipment for increased functionality, so you can conduct more research at your startup. 

3. Easier to Find

New lab equipment purchased from the manufacturer usually has a much higher demand, which can drastically raise the price for initial sales and the wait time to receive the product. If the product has already launched but is still relatively new, the demand might be high enough that they don't have a consistent stock, causing you to wait while they manufacture the next batch of instruments.

Alternatively, you can often receive used lab equipment sooner. Used equipment providers often only list the available products. Lower demand means you can receive your instrument faster for more streamlined operations.

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4. Fewer Outdated Instruments 

As manufacturers design and release newer models, their older ones become obsolete. Manufacturers might stop making the necessary parts and accessories for the equipment to function correctly. Further, manufacturers might adjust designs and functions to reflect updated processes in your field, making older ones void.

Buying used equipment can prevent labs from using outdated instruments without investing in expensive new equipment. Updating from obsolete equipment to used options will still be an improvement for labs and researchers.

5. More Sustainable

An added perk of investing in more used equipment for your startup is that it is more environmentally friendly than buying new instruments. When labs only purchase new equipment, older instruments end up in landfills long before their life expectancy is up. Because many manufacturers release newer models before their older ones are obsolete, your lab can still enjoy the high performance and applications of used lab equipment while supporting the environment.

Types of Used Lab Equipment for Startups

Because startups are just beginning their lab operations, you might be unsure where to start. While each lab has unique needs depending on the field and specific research, starting with the basic tools can ensure you have everything you need when you open your lab.

Some fundamental lab equipment for start-ups includes the following:

What to Consider When Buying Used Startup Equipment

When investing in used lab equipment for your startup, you must complete comprehensive research before selecting and purchasing instruments. Knowing what you should research during this phase of the procurement process can streamline your operations and connect you with the best used lab equipment.

1. Your Field and Lab's Specifications

Professional and commercial labs often have highly specified operations, which will determine what equipment you need. You can decide what equipment your field requires by researching industry trends and processes.

2. Vendor Reputation

Because you are getting used equipment, partnering with a trustworthy provider is necessary. The right vendor will ensure your selected equipment functions well and can support your needs with various tests and quality assurances.

You can determine a vendor's reputation by looking through their reviews and seeing what other customers think about their transactions and products. You can decide if the vendor met customer expectations about quality and performance through customer feedback and criticisms.

3. Product Reviews 

In addition to researching reviews to learn more about potential providers, you should also look up product reviews for the models and instruments you consider.

Product reviews can provide labs insight into the instrument's performance and quirks, highlighting pain points and criticisms experienced by other labs. You can determine if the instrument will be the right fit for your lab and avoid investments that will slow down operations and research.

4. Warranties and Services

When judging and comparing vendors, you can find quality partners by reviewing the additional services they offer customers.

Warranties can help cover the costs of repairs, parts replacements and maintenance for your used equipment. Manufacturers typically provide these with new equipment purchases, so finding a used equipment dealer who offers this deal likely indicates they care about instrument quality and longevity.

Some providers also offer more customer services to boost the customer experience. They might provide helplines to answer questions and concerns about your instruments, training courses to teach lab technicians how to use them or repairs and maintenance programs.

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5. Overall Instrument Age 

As you research specific products, you should note the instrument's age. Older equipment often functions perfectly fine and has few issues with finding parts now, but it is still important to make sure you will get use out of it. You can avoid investing in another instrument in a few years by researching how old the equipment is and how many new models the manufacturer has put out since its release.

Choose New Life Scientific for Startup Equipment

Choose New Life Scientific for Startup Equipment

New Life Scientific is the place to go when you need quality used lab equipment for startup labs. Our diverse product and manufacturer selection enables labs to find precisely what they're looking for with more competitive pricing than buying new.

Our products undergo comprehensive testing to provide accurate quality assurance to customers. With various after-purchase services available, our teams will have your back throughout your product's life span.

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