Thermo Fisher Invitrogen EVOS M5000 Imaging System

Hello! Welcome to New Life Scientific. My name is Steve. Today we're going to show you a little bit about the Evos M5000 imaging system. Lots of features; this is a little bit out of our specialty but it was interesting enough and easy enough to use that I thought you might want to see it.

This was an image that we took from a set of slides we had around; very easy to produce this type of image with multiple filters and it lights up to five different objectives on the system at one time. It has all sorts of features. We're going to get into that a little bit but the images are, again, very easy to to create within very quick time. There is actually the slide that we have on there right now to change an objective.

Your big knob here in the front will allow it to change to your different image. I can select my color that I want to view that through, I can have it autofocus set up within a focusing window. And this can be set for if you're going to be doing z-staging, which is to look at different levels in your target, in your objective, and it will do up to a hundred slices through your through your sample. Very quick, easy to take a picture of all of them. The focus is quick. Once it's set you can go ahead and capture that image.

We still have some of our other images on down here so it is showing multiples. And there we go! So we got those different images and now we can turn on and off the difference to see what what we've captured in four different color wavelengths. Very easy to change those over; it's all on screen what your different objectives are.

On this particular model we have a x4, a x10, a x20, a x40, and a x100 objective in it (the x100 objective is oil immersed). It's available with different options for changing out your color and your different color filters very easily, very simple to do. These do not have the age sample like you do with a mercury-style light source. Yes, available in infrared.

This is set up wirelessly using a standard USB wireless adapter. You can hook it up to wired; it supports USB so you can dump your files out very quickly. Again, very easy to use.

To change your focus, your exposure, your light, is all done extremely easily. Now you can turn off which colors you're going to capture by just using your check boxes here. Again, tell it to capture and it captures using those new settings since we have a filter in there, we just turn that background color off into it and then we can save these out. We can review what we've saved, what we've captured in a very easy-to-use menuing system. Well put-together.

Again, not our specialty, but we were very impressed and I think you will be too when you make this M5000 yours. Thank you.

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