Overview of the Thermo Scientific CryoStar NX50 HOVP Cryostat with Knife Assembly



Hi. I'm Richard. New Life Scientific. And today I wanted to show off this very nice cryostat NX 50. And when I get a really nice one in, I always want to shoot a video of it because when went through this, I just really didn't see a whole lot of signs of usage on it. Usually on the down inside you get marks where they've been compressing their specimens and stuff, but I didn't see any of that. But we're just going to kind of go over some of the things we did and some of the options on it. First thing I'm going to do is actually just show you one of my favorite options and that's the height adjustment and it's touch screen interface so it works really nice. 

Pops up the arrow here and you can see you just push and hold the arrow. And for all you really tall people that don't want to have to bend over, this is the machine for you. Or on the other hand, if you're wanting to sit down, just drive this thing all the way down and you can pull up that stool and look at that. That's really nice. And then of course, the way they have the body hugger here and then the nice contour for your arms just to reach right in there. This is one of my favorite ones because of all the options that it does have. But one of the nice options on this one too is it does have the specimen cooling on it. And you can see right now it's at negative 42. That's right in range. 

These will run about negative 43 depending on your ambient temperature. So this is right in range with our room temperature and what it will produce. Again, it's just touch screen. You hit it and you got some quick options you can just hit if we hit negative 30 and hit Enter, and then there's actually a peltier in here that will actually start heating it up and the temperatures will start dropping really quick. And I forgot to hit Enter when I hit that 30. So push. Okay, there we go. So now I called for 30 degrees, negative 30, I should say Celsius. And we're going to see that peltzier kick in and the temperature dropping real quick here. And I actually did replace thermal couple of pelts here. I put a brand new one in it. 

It's actually sitting right behind this plate and that way we got top performance on that. You can see it's already down to negative, or I should say coming up to negative 30 very fast and just hits that spot and then just holds it there. But that's one of the really nice things, especially if you're doing some real softy tissues, liver, brain. And then also this has a vacuum tome option here. So we're going to look at that. It's actually off right now. So you got two options you can actually just put it in cleaning mode. And what that does is you just got this wand here that you can plug in. And then you have the vacuum that you need. You can just clean up the area and suck it in. 

And you also have the Sectioning mode and the Sectioning mode actually plugs in to the bottom here. And the actual piece that you need for Sectioning is not with the machine. And if you want to use the vacuum tone for Sectioning, just let us know because we can get that piece. But what I found is a lot of people actually don't use that option. I actually like it, but most people aren't real familiar with it. So they actually just take it off and don't use it. But it is there if you do. But I'm going to go back to the crowd bar again here. So real quick you can just hit that and then you get some really cold temperatures over here. Again, you have a thermal couple on this that drops the temperatures down to negative 45 to negative 47. 

Ish that in there? And get you a real quick freeze. And then of course, you have your cutting distance here. Can move those up and down. And then you got the window here for if you want to use the vacuum tone. This is the window of settings. So it's very easy. You can just set it where you want to start your cut and hit start and then go over where you want to end the cut and hit end. And then okay. And then that sets your window here for your cutting. So very easy to sit, set up and run. This is kind of the newest generations from the 525 love that because it's so easy to set that window in that cutting area there. But really nice machine. 

Like I said earlier, normally when I would see these, you would see a lot of damage down here where they would be scratches and dents. But I really didn't see hardly anything down here. It just shows a very little use and very clean. Everything just runs in top notch. So, as I said, I want to get a video of this. We took the panels off and we go in and we clean the condenser and clean everything up. And down here you can see is the condenser down here. And then you have your waste bottle here, everything's intact. And then of course, you have your disinfection here where you can plug that in. So everything's here ready to go. Top notch piece of equipment. 

And if you got any questions or if you want to come in here, new life scientific and actually give it a try, we're here, we can answer questions, help you any way we can. Thanks for watching.